4 Lunches and a Boo Doll

It has been a good month for me. I know I complaint a lot, but that's just for fun. I've been kind of low on funds considering the amount of lunches I've been doing lately. But what's a little money compared to good company? Almost every week (or more than one in a given week) I've spent time with people leaving, who I will miss dearly, to people I haven't seen in a while, who I've missed sorely.

Last week I had lunch with Helen & Lizette, which sad to say was probably our last lunch together (no! Let's have lunch one more time before you leave, Helen...call me!!!), but it had also been a while since the three of us hooked up and I had the best time. It brought back memories of how much we really enjoyed each other's company.

Today, we had lunch with the Juice Guys - Sam & Dave (or Dave & Sam), different company, but same great time. Dave is one of those guys that can make you laugh so hard you are crying. I miss that. It's also kind of fascinating that even with the passing of time, people do remain the same, and you can pick back right where you left off. And yes Sam, I do remember the Boo Doll Ebay Sales days. Those were good times.

Here's our pics...only Jo was not paying attention:


God Bless You...God!

Alright. I know this is the second Big Brother post in a row...so FUCKING what!? I'm a 30 year old mom with no life, this is it for me.

N-E-way...Hamster Time is my favorite BB live feed site. I don't bother paying for live feeds not because I'm not a loser, but because I can get the Cliffnotes version here. I may go crazy if I have to sit though in real time watching Eric flirt his way into Jessica's heart or watching Jameka & Amber pray to God. With Hamster Time, I can take a quick peek and know who is nominated, who got the veto or know what is happening this very moment, thanks to the people who do pay for the feeds and spend their waking hours narrating what's going on. Yes, people seem to do this for fun - God Bless the Internet!

"God Bless you...God." though, said with the utmost sincerity / heartfelt emotion, with tears in her eyes may be my all-time favorite phrase that came out of Big Brother, courtesy of Amber.

I am fascinated by the whole America's Player aspect, because with the last task ("kiss Jess") it feels like "America" is a giddy 13 year old girl playing SIMS, giggling at she prompts the guy kiss the girl. And ew, Eric is so excited about his task that he almost butchers it (see tag line from Hamster Time this week). He must be getting to me though, because I've posted about Eric twice now...and you know...it is a thin line between love and hate. If I end up falling for him, I mean it...come and stab my eyes out.


Please Make Him Stop

Oh my fuckin' God. Eric is so annoying. I had the Showtime BBAD (Big Brother After Dark) on in the background whilst I do my email (and other shit on the internet) and I hear Eric ramble on and on and on and on (and on and on) about Jen and Jessica and "relationships" and fucking STOP!!!! My head is about to explode. He would not even stop for a breath. God! He already looks so much like the nerd trying to be the cool guy trying to land the hot chick and he thinks he's successfully getting the girl when he so...yech. Makes me sick. Gah...Carla...I now really truly understand why you hate him. Sigh.


The Bourne Ultimatum...and the Touraeg 2

I really really enjoyed this movie! First of all, I enjoyed the fact that we were able to watch a movie in the first place. Second of all, this one did not disappoint. From the start this sucks you right in and I think it's really a feat for Matt Damon to make me actually love him. He's not one of my favorite actors generally but he sold me on Jason Bourne. The Bourne Series was the turning point in my Matt love. I believe him, I'm rooting for him, and even though a lot of the stuff that happens to him are so unbelievable I cheer every time he kicks some ass or I'm loving the fact that he's still alive.

There's a few really awsome chases: one early on involving the writer who was being followed because he knows too much and Jason was guiding him on the phone like a puppet to make sure that the CIA won't find him. It was gripping. Another one involved Jason running, jumping off roofs, and crashing through windows, all to save Nikki (Julia Stiles) from the assasin trying to kill her. The one on one combat was awsome, and i'm not one for violence, people. Then there's the car chase through manhattan involving the VW Touraeg 2. Squeee! As a VW Toureag (not Touraeg 2 though) owner, it's thrilling to see my little baby on screen kickin' ass! I know it's product placement, but it was done very tastefully. It was not overkill, the Touraeg was already badly beaten up from the getgo and yet it was soo thrilling. My hubby, party pooper as usual, had to comment, "Hmm, how come the airbag did not deploy?" Haha.
Overall, it was very satisfying. Awsome job. Watch this movie. This is my favorite so far. Yes, loved it more than Transormers.

Here's the Touraeg below - What a beauty!:


I Love Anthropologie

I just wanted to say that I love love love Anthropologie! They have like the best. clothes. ever. sigh...just too darned expensive (hmm, is this a posting trend?). Every time I go, I head over to the sale rack, coz that's really the only way I can afford this shit. Last time I went, as i fitted clothes in the fitting rooms, I overhear the two loud women next door talkng about men and clothes (two subjects we women like to talk about). The one girl asked how the shirt looked on her, the other girls said she looked fabulous and asked how much the shirt was. Girl one says $175. Girl two says, "that's reasonable.." I sigh as I looked down at my pile of $29.99 shirts. Must be nice to be rich.

Le Compagnie De Provence Marseille

I love these. Ok, I admit i haven't tried any and I'm judging by looks alone, but the bottles look so pretty. I want them all over my house. The company is called La Compagnie De Provence Marseille and they have luxury soaps, candles and other good stuff. The foam bath (shown) is a whopping $21. Yikes!


A Bad Premonition

It's been a whole week since I watched this on DVD, but the sour taste has not left my mouth. This picture of Sanda is so telling of the movie itself. It's ugly, distraught & frustrating.

5 minutes into the movie, my hubby turned to me and said, this sucks, and went to sleep. And for the remainder, I had to sit through this all by myself. As I watch, a mental debate is running through my head: Why finish it? It sucks. But, you're already invested time into it! Don't you want to know what the answer to the mystery? But it's so. fucking. slow...(pause)...fine. i'll watch it. fucking curiousity - kills the cat every time.

The worst part for me is Sandra herself. Aside from While You Were Sleeping, I don't really like her, and i almost hate most of her characters. This movie made it glaringly obvious that she cannot act. At least, i'm not buying it. There's a scene in the movie where she wakes up to find her husband alive for the second time, so she goes in the shower while he's in it, hugs him from behind and just holding on because she did not know whether she's going to wake up again and he's dead - but the hug looked so empty. I did not feel that she loved him or even cared. She's like an "empty vase" (haha. a Friends reference). She felt so disconnected from everyone else in the movie - even her kids!!! I did not feel that she loved her children! She sucks big time.

Please save yourself the rental and not watch this film. The reslution - the answer to the whole mysetry - is even lame. She was the reason he died! (oops. spoiler) In trying to save him, she drove him to the exact scene of the accident. You know what? Made me hate the character even more. geez, poor huband - should've gone ahead on cheated on her sorry ass. (oops. another spoiler). That's it. End of Rant.


Not the Rabbit

This is an odd invention. No, it's not what you think it is silly. It's a banana case. A what? A banana case. Are people really worried about the condition of their banana when they get to their destination that they'd buy a banana shaped case just to protect it?

This case is also geared towards the "perfect" banana shape & size. Because what if you got a very small banana? Kay, I know you got those! What if your banana is extra long? [Maybe the ribs accomodate for this]. What if your banana is huge or fat? What if your banana is extra bendy and won't follow the shape of this case? Not all bananas are Chiquitas!

In any case, you can get this nifty gadget at Compact Impact for $6 a bunker, or $25 for the set (so you can case up a banana for every day of the week!!). Just make sure that when you do use it, you're putting the banana IN it.


Big Brother 8 - Yes, I am Watching It

Carla, this post is for you! Since I am outing myself again this year, I will take you down with me!!

Yes, I love Big Brother this year, just like every year I guess. It is just so trashy, but awsomely so. This pic is of Dustin, the closest I'll have to getting a crush this year. He's gay - because all cool and handsome guys are. sigh. But, yes, even my gay TV boyfreind this past episode was bad - when tempted with cash and prizes, he caved!

We also have a token cryer - Amber! I love it, she cries every single fucking episode. It's AWESOME! You know what's great about her crying too, is that she's not crying in a nice demure cry. It's an ugly, kid-not-getting-his-candy cry. Her face gets all jacked up, her eyes turns to slits....hee. awesome. And she cries about the simplest things! She was bawling because Dustin took the prizes and therefore she saw "a side" of him thst she did not like. TV gold.

Then there's the father / daughter tension: Will they or won't they...reconcile (why? what were you thinking???). He's getting on my nerves, and so does she!

There's the romance - between Danielle and Nick, but i can't really get into because I think Nick is so fucking ugly. I'm coming out to say it: I hate beefcakes. yeck. Plus, with his mustache (another turn off) and soul patch, he's looking like a buff kevin richardson. NOT GOOD.

We also have Jen - who is in a category all by herself. She cried the very first day because she thought the picture of her looked ugly. Haha. She was seriously upset. Hee. She also wear persnalized Jen hirts like: JENSA Member, or JENTH degree...loving her yet? She's is so bad and annoying that i'm kind of rooting for her. She's a typical "Jen" - For those of you who watch BB and know a Jen in your life, you will relate. haha.

There's the religious people - yes, like Jameka who took a peson off the block because she thought it was God's will for her to do it. Really. God's will!!

So, Carla...being the only other person I know who watches this...are you with me?