The Bourne Ultimatum...and the Touraeg 2

I really really enjoyed this movie! First of all, I enjoyed the fact that we were able to watch a movie in the first place. Second of all, this one did not disappoint. From the start this sucks you right in and I think it's really a feat for Matt Damon to make me actually love him. He's not one of my favorite actors generally but he sold me on Jason Bourne. The Bourne Series was the turning point in my Matt love. I believe him, I'm rooting for him, and even though a lot of the stuff that happens to him are so unbelievable I cheer every time he kicks some ass or I'm loving the fact that he's still alive.

There's a few really awsome chases: one early on involving the writer who was being followed because he knows too much and Jason was guiding him on the phone like a puppet to make sure that the CIA won't find him. It was gripping. Another one involved Jason running, jumping off roofs, and crashing through windows, all to save Nikki (Julia Stiles) from the assasin trying to kill her. The one on one combat was awsome, and i'm not one for violence, people. Then there's the car chase through manhattan involving the VW Touraeg 2. Squeee! As a VW Toureag (not Touraeg 2 though) owner, it's thrilling to see my little baby on screen kickin' ass! I know it's product placement, but it was done very tastefully. It was not overkill, the Touraeg was already badly beaten up from the getgo and yet it was soo thrilling. My hubby, party pooper as usual, had to comment, "Hmm, how come the airbag did not deploy?" Haha.
Overall, it was very satisfying. Awsome job. Watch this movie. This is my favorite so far. Yes, loved it more than Transormers.

Here's the Touraeg below - What a beauty!:

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