4 Lunches and a Boo Doll

It has been a good month for me. I know I complaint a lot, but that's just for fun. I've been kind of low on funds considering the amount of lunches I've been doing lately. But what's a little money compared to good company? Almost every week (or more than one in a given week) I've spent time with people leaving, who I will miss dearly, to people I haven't seen in a while, who I've missed sorely.

Last week I had lunch with Helen & Lizette, which sad to say was probably our last lunch together (no! Let's have lunch one more time before you leave, Helen...call me!!!), but it had also been a while since the three of us hooked up and I had the best time. It brought back memories of how much we really enjoyed each other's company.

Today, we had lunch with the Juice Guys - Sam & Dave (or Dave & Sam), different company, but same great time. Dave is one of those guys that can make you laugh so hard you are crying. I miss that. It's also kind of fascinating that even with the passing of time, people do remain the same, and you can pick back right where you left off. And yes Sam, I do remember the Boo Doll Ebay Sales days. Those were good times.

Here's our pics...only Jo was not paying attention:

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