Source Code, A Movie Review

I just watched this movie twice in the last two days. I really liked it. It's funny because I'm not a big Jake Gyllenhaal fan.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a hater - but for the life of me, I can't think of any movie he had where I really remembered him. I just checked imdb, and he's done love and other drugs (which I will watch this weekend), prince of persia (I did not watch. long hair? sands? ugh.), jarhead (I hear it's good, but I didn't see it), the good girl (another good one, I hear, but I have not seen it yet). Anyway, he wasn't the pull...but in the end, I think he did a really great job. You feel for him and his character.

I really liked it. It sucked me right in the first scene where he's trying to figure out what's going on...It's nicely paced. Michelle did a pretty great job, and I find her very pretty. She was also pretty in that McDreamy rom com, title of which escapes me right now.

I still don't know exactly what a source code is, or the actually technicalities of these "alternate" universe, and for a movie to still be compelling, and easy to follow for such a complicated topic, I think it's worth applauding. It's a great movie, highly recommended.


My Portenzo iPad2 Case

It took a lot of effort and countless hours of searching the web, looking at video & blog reviews, but I finally have the case that I wanted. The winner is the Portenzo case in Retro. Do I love it? Yes, I do - but it does have it's disadvantages.

First, here are the winning points:
  • It's incognito. While I love the simple design of the iPad2, I'm not keen on having everyone and their brother knowing I'm lugging one around. I find it perfect for the coffee shop, meetings, and pretty much everywhere you are just waiting around
  • It's looks like a moleskin notebook. Simple design, with the signature band around it.
  • It's orange! I love the color of the inside (lime green) and outside. It's the fun of having the simple book design, but still having it's own personality
  • It's designed around the iPad2 best features: close to sleep, holes for camera, etc.
  • It's pretty tough, and holds the iPad2 well.
Here's a few things I'm not so fond of:
  • While it's not heavy, it does bring the weight of the iPad2 more.
  • The "Portenzo" signature at the back of the book is about 30% too big...a slightly less obnoxious one would've pleased me better
  • There's no real good way to prop the iPad2 for good viewing...I tried, it just kinda flips and flops unless you perfected the angle. I just end up propping it will pillows

Before I found this, I was thinking about getting the Dodo Case, which is local (San Francisco!), but there were a couple of reviews that put the doubt in me, hence, going with this, it's formidable competitor...All in all, it was worth it's 7-week wait time :) 


H is for I Am Sam

You know why groupon or living social actually work? I see this add for discount on Dr. Seuss "limited edition" prints and I was actually tempted to buy it. Really. At a time when we are saving every little bit up, this sort of thing just kinda sucks you in. Hmm...would this be so cool for the kids room? Maybe next time.

The Retro Phone Handset

Ahhh, it's a Retro Phone Handset!

Apparently, Lenny Kravitz was spotted rockin' one of these bad boys...so, it must be cool, right? right? Haha, I'd love to get one of these, I think they're more ergonomic than the square phones, and it's such a great visual out of the road.