God Bless You...God!

Alright. I know this is the second Big Brother post in a row...so FUCKING what!? I'm a 30 year old mom with no life, this is it for me.

N-E-way...Hamster Time is my favorite BB live feed site. I don't bother paying for live feeds not because I'm not a loser, but because I can get the Cliffnotes version here. I may go crazy if I have to sit though in real time watching Eric flirt his way into Jessica's heart or watching Jameka & Amber pray to God. With Hamster Time, I can take a quick peek and know who is nominated, who got the veto or know what is happening this very moment, thanks to the people who do pay for the feeds and spend their waking hours narrating what's going on. Yes, people seem to do this for fun - God Bless the Internet!

"God Bless you...God." though, said with the utmost sincerity / heartfelt emotion, with tears in her eyes may be my all-time favorite phrase that came out of Big Brother, courtesy of Amber.

I am fascinated by the whole America's Player aspect, because with the last task ("kiss Jess") it feels like "America" is a giddy 13 year old girl playing SIMS, giggling at she prompts the guy kiss the girl. And ew, Eric is so excited about his task that he almost butchers it (see tag line from Hamster Time this week). He must be getting to me though, because I've posted about Eric twice now...and you know...it is a thin line between love and hate. If I end up falling for him, I mean it...come and stab my eyes out.

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