Real Men of Genuis

God I love this commercial. The Bud Light Real Men of Genuis is a real genius idea! There's a bunch of them in YouTube but I love this one because I think I know one (hi alex!) Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer. I'm sure you know one too. Among others there: Mr. Really Really Really Bad Dancer and Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer among others. Enjoy!


Big Brother All Stars

Oohhh yeah! Here comes my yearly (very very) guilty pleasure: Big Brother! It's such a guilty pleasure I don't think I even tell my co-workers I watch this trash. Oh, but I do. I even remember moving into our house with this show in the background. I've never subscibed to the Live feed, but I was close.

This year is great because it'll be all-stars! I'm partial to the last season cast members though because it was my favorite season, but I do hope Danielle from Season 3 gets in because, hey, she's from the Bay Area and she was robbed that year. Sooo...here we go!


iomoi coasters

There's a lot of cool stuff at iomoi. Their stationaries and address labels are great - I'm tempted to get some address labels from there, but I don't really write enough to justify it. They also have the same cool patterns in their paperweight and coasters. Shown is one of their coasters & address labels. Check out their other designs as well.


The Catalina

I have posted about the Kolo photo albums before, but I can't help post about it again. This time, I am singling out a particular one: The Catalina. If you can't decide whether to use the Kolo as a photo album or a scrapbook, then this is for you. There are refills for both photo pages and blank sheets for scrapbook uses, and the ring binder let's you add / subtract pages as needed.


Stephanie Johnson

I'm a bag lady. I love bags, I can't help it. This is a cool cosmetic bag from Stephanie Johnson line called San Sebastian. One in a family of bags with this design. Very hip, and very spring!

Cactus In a Can

Since I'm on a roll, check out this pretty cute Cactus in a Can, one in a series of cool plants in a can, again from Branchhome. Between this and the Egglings, the plant people are trying really hard to catch the attention of non-plant people, and making us plant-killers to think, hey, maybe this time it won't die.

The Jimi Wallet

I have been on the look out for a cool new wallet since the one I currently have is slowly at the end of its limit. So I find the Jimi Wallet - "the wallet for people who hate wallets". Pretty cool, although this looks like it could be more of a guy thing since I definetly have more that four credit cards so it might not fit, and where do I put all my change?? But it is a pretty cool find. Find it at Branchhome.


Paper + Cup

There's a lot of cool paper places out there, and there seems to be a lot of hype for good paper products recently. Check out Brooklyn-based Paper+Cup and their cool line of cards / journals.


Miranda, Steve & a Bugaboo

I've watched and re-watched the Sex & The City several times, but since giving birth, I've noticed a few things I never noticed before. Like, Miranda has a Bugaboo stroller for Brady! A Bugaboo! I can only salivate and ogle because at $800 a pop, um...it's not a wise purchase for poor folk. But man, that's a lovely lovely stroller.

Aside from Carrie & Aidan, my other favorite couple on the show is Miranda & Steve. I just love them. I especially love that in the final season, it was Miranda who was in love with Steve. I love that it was Miranda who proposed to Steve. I love that their wedding was so the anti-wedding (hint hint to a certain someone: you can have an anti-wedding. wink wink). I love that Steve became more assertive this time around: telling Miranda that the honeymoon was his as well as hers, pushing for Brooklyn when Miranda was a Manhattan-girl. It was a satisfying ending to a lovely series, which I can watch over and over again.


Bella Bean Collars n Leash

This is too cute! I wanna take that puppy home with me. But check out his ultra cool collar & leash from Bella Bean Couture. It sure beats the plain ole leash you see everywhere. And I know coz I've bought Blue about 20 plain leashes as he was growing up. It's about time to upgrade him from plain to cool.

Too Much Theo!

Whoa! I've just had an overload of Theo. I was watching the premiere of the new Real World / Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat. I just happen to pass by MTV when I realized it was the premiere...really! This time each of the alumni is paired with a newbie: a fresh meat and they compete in challenges.

Then I turn to watch the premiere of Last Comic Standing (since I love stand-up) and lo and behold...Theo is a comic as well. Who would've thunk? He's not bad, so I wish him luck and good jokes to go thru to the next round.