What About Bill (Compton)?

The DVDs went by fast and I'm craving for Season 2 episodes. With a low cash flow, I really can't afford HBO - dammit!! Anyway, now that I'm done with Season 1, I'm ready to give my Bill Compton critique.

Somebody just tell me if Stephen just can't pronounce Sookie or is it some sort of authentic interpretation of how one speaks 175 years ago. I love the fact that he's old school, but it's also I think his least desirable quality. It's not just the words, it's the whole "oldies" deameanor. I'm not quite sure how I love it.

Eek! A naked man!
Jason Stackhouse has the most beautiful naked body in TV. Hands down. I'm glad Alan Ball makes it a point of showing this off almost every episode (Admit it! He's got a tight ass and body and whether that body is fuckin' or hallucinatin' or sleepin' or high on V, it's a flawless piece of specimen). That being said, I feel for all of the other naked men on the show. Bill is pudgy in comparison and even to an extent Sam. Sam should have a good body, if he spends a lot of time running like a dog - right? (wrong!) Poor Bill - I think he's bringing up the rear (Hah!) in this department. I love him still, don't get me wrong, but Lina is right, sometimes, he should just keep his clothes on.

Bangs Anyone!?
Ok, Stephen's hairdresser really needs to go back to the pilot episode for some styling tips. In the Pilot, Bill Compton looked hot. His hair although not unruly, was a little ruffled and it added to the danger. Somehow in the course of the season, it felt like Bill was spending a lot of his day time blow drying his bangs to the point that his hair (ahem, bangs) were more even than Sookie's. Come on!

Fang It!

Ok, I hate the fangs. I do. An otherwise sexy Bill turns less sexy hen he's sporting the fangs and I think I know why. Because it's being modeled after the fangs of the snake (like it's retracts in front of the actual set of teeth), when the do who the fangs, the lips pop-out further and normal and this makes the proportions of the face kind of...unproportioned. I know I'm not quite explaining this well, but it's not the reason why I tune in. I wonder if there is appeal to the fangs. I know Twilight doesn't use fangs (and they can also walk in the light, which is very convenient)

Crispy Bill
UGH!!! This is the one scene where I'm very disappointed. I wish the could've done this scene very differently. The scene in question is on the finale of Season 1 when Sookie is in trouble and Bill senses it but couldn't leave because it is daylight. Because of his love, he risked dying by going out into the light and getting burned). The crispy bill is so not attractive. Now i know it's not suuposed to be attractive but I also think that no one comes back to "life" from that. How can hair grow back then they're DEAD? In my interpretation of that scene, Bill works up the nerve and yes, does out into the light - but DIAL it about 3 notches down. He did say that they just "get weak", why not show that? a lot less make up and a lot more acting. I think it can be pulled off where Bill looks like it's so much effort to take every step and his face slowly getting that sunburned look (like when you go to the beach and didn't put on sunscreen). He could be stumbling, pain in his face that he couldn't reach Sookie in time, he could act like he was dying - without the "zombie" make up distracting the viewers from the importance of this scene - which was, no matter how much he loved her, he could NEVER be there when it's day. To me, I can't even concentrate coz I'm glued to the bad make up job!!

Graveyard Sex
Sorry. Not hot. NOT! HOT! AT! ALL! Bill almost looked like the incredible hulk coming out of the ground and the ass shot was not flattering (as said above) and his face covered in mud. Ew. And the thought of all. that. dirt. going into places unwanted. Couldn't he just zipped her back to the bath tub and get it on there? It was only a few paces away! A second in vampire speed! I don't know. I didn't like it.

Wow. That sounded like a lot of complaining on my part! Heh. I'm still on the Bill/Sookie train. And I did try to feel it for Sam/Sookie. I swear I did. I think Sam is kinda hot in his own way, and try as I might, I don't think he's right for Tara either...

Now, I'm kinda lovin' on Eric / Pam. I love Eric's voice. It feels scary and kinda hot. I love Pam as well. We'll see, huh?

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linisima said...

SUHKEY!!!!!!!!!!! You are so right, he doesn't pronounce it right, but you have to forgive Bill, and now that I'm 98% done with the 1st 6 episodes of S2 (stupid "megavideo just told me I had watched my 72 minute dose, thank you SO MUCH for the link!!!) I JUST ADOOOOOOOOOOORE BILL. He got me at "in this house we recycle" (episode 1, explaing the house rules to Jessica) I'm just head over heals. Its good they haven't shown his skinny ass in this S2, hard enough is to remember him being roasted by the sun and HAIRLESS!! sooo unatractive. I'm so happy you got into TB, besides Toni (yes, I'm a terrible mother and I let my almost 13 y.o watch it), you're the only one I know who loves it too. Oh, I'm finding Eric to be so "interesting" and here's something he's got better thaan Bill: HEIGHT! on the bar scene when he was telling Bill how baby boy Godric was his maker, he looked like at least a foot taller that Bill, Bill had to look up and for sexiness power reasons, its better to look down........