Take Me or Leave Me!

I squealed in delight when I saw this and would have loved to have seen this live! My love for Neil Patrick Harris and my love for RENT combined, and no, this is not Neil doing Mark, this is Neil doing Joanne!! I know it was done ages ago, but hey, I recently found this on YouTube so it's new to ME! "So be kind, this boy satisfies...." Satisfies indeed.

My Vera Bradley Dilemna

Vera Bradley! Ah, what can I say? I am hooked. I was just wandering around SF Center and happen to pass by the Vera Bradley store (which was right beside our BBW store) and wandered in. If not for the baby crying to be fed, I would probably still be in there. They have really cool stuff!

At first glance, they may look country-wallet-ish, but they have very nice patterns and very nice selection of handbags! I decided i'm going to get myself some but have been in a confused state the whole day. Should I get their Baby Bag so I can get rid of the Kaiser diaper bag? Should I get it in the new cool pattern "Puccini" or get the ultra cool microfiber version? It's more expensive and harder to clean, but it's so elegant looking. Or, should I get their new Weekender bag. I've been eyeing a LeSportsac one since I couldn't really afford an Orla Kiely one (which is bee-yooouuu-ti-ful). Or should I get something for me - the "handbag" or the "bowler". Not onlu that, I'm debating between three different patterns! I would love a review if you happen to be a proud owner...

I bought their tech case which houses my Blackberry right now and love it. I also got a matching keychain to go with it!
This beautiful photo by the way if from Junglejim's photostream.