Wallpaper Galore

If you want to get a really cool wallpaper - and not use the same Heath Ledger photo you downloaded from his fansite - check out the cool and free wallpapers at Veer.com. I found out about this site from Lizette (who knows all the cool websites, btw).

Veer has some cool fonts, photographs, and even those modern decals yopu stick on the walls. It's a cool website to check out.


Sleepin' Blue-ty

Blue was probably about 8 weeks old in this photo. He was so cute then. This was the only picture i ever got of him sleeping. Because he's a light sleeper. Any footstep woke him up. Look at his little paws!

Don't Shake It!

At TARcon6 last February, my Polaroid was dropped (one drunken guy, long story) but the good thing that came out of that was that I decided that if I did go to another event where I'm going to need a Polariod, I would buy one then. Luckily, a few months later, I did go to TARcon7 - and I passed by B&H Photo to buy me this bad boy! It so much cooler than my last wimpy green one so I'm very satisfied. The only downside is that the film can be very very expensive. So I have to decide when "it's most advantageous to go for it".



I was flipping through Domino when I came across an ad for a Do-It-Yourself carpet system called Interface Flor. Hmmm, the ad was eye catching so when I got home, I looked it up on the web. Of course, I was intrigued. The carpet was have in our house is really old and we've been wanting to change the carpet but it's always such. a. big. commitment! I mean, if we change one, we have to change it all! And everytime we get an estimate for the three rooms plus the hallway, we end up dejected and always put this project on hold.

The good thing about this was we were able to just think about it per room. And since we are the ones installing it, we eliminate the labor costs. Anyway, the company was great. The customer service was good and the items arrived promtly. We're happy. We'll definetly buy from there again.

Build Me Up Buttercup!

I'm craving cupcakes from Buttercup Bake Shop (the other half of the infamous Magnolia Bakery - where Carrie admitted to miranda the she "has a crush" - I think she was talking about Aidan. Aidan...Mmmmm...but I digress). But because I'm nowhere near New York right now, I'll have to settle on fantasizing about these cupcakes.

I even thought about getting a franchise. Heh. Well, until then I'll have to settle on baking it myself. Maybe I'll buy this book. Maybe...


I miss ol' El Paso

Once we actually bought our own home, I got into getting good furniture. Since my family is so into the New Mexico style, I kept hearing about this great place in Berkeley (by the Art Store on University Ave.) that sells good furniture for a very good place. When my uncle renovated his house, a lot fo his furniture came from ol' El Paso.

<-- My coffee table I bought for about $250. That was really a great deal. I was psyched and was saving up for a buffet table when one Saturday I passed by and - gasp! - they were gone! I was very sad.

color matching

I first heard of Farrow & Ball because a design firm our client loves is always specifiying paints from them. And I must say, I love their colors and adore their paper.

If only I know how to put up wallpaper. Sigh, sometimes i wish i can do it all.

I recently went to Home Depot to get a quart of paint for this worn out chest I have. I had them color match from my Farrow & Ball swatch book. I was optimistic. After all, everyones color matching these days, right? I paid the $10 for the Behr color-matched quart and proceeded on home.

I was disappointed that my "blazer" red looked a touch pinker than I was hoping. I didn't know if it's because the color matching is really not that accurate...or that Farrow & Ball colors look good only on swatches. Oh well, at least I only spent $10.


Timbuk2 Obsession

I love love love Timbuk2. I already have 2 of their bags...but I want more. I want this. It's called the City Guide bag. I'll wait till they have more colors. Heh, who am I kidding. i'll wait till I actually have some money.