Flushable Diapers

As I was browsing through the latest issue of Cookie (a magazine I'm trying out. I'm not quite loving it, but I'm giving it a shot.), I saw a little thing on flushable diapers. Yes, flushable diapers. The company is called gDiapers and they're saving the earth one poopy diaper at a time. Now, I don't know anybody who has used these things in order to know if it's really a good and practical option, but how cute are those diaper covers??? I want it all!

Our Neighborhood Garage Sale

Today we had our Annual City-Wide Garage Sale. It's the first year we are joining as a seller, and it was an experience both good and bad.

We started preparing our garage at 7:30 in the morning. In our court, 4 houses were doing it, so already in the morning was an atmosphere of fun / anticipation. I had high hopes that I'll be able to sell a lot of our junk including our Loveseat, bookshelves, bikes, old TV and other stuff. Right away, I realized that we were total novices. 1) Our prices are too high! Why did I think someone would want to buy my old pajamas for $3? What ended up happening, $.25 a set. Ha! 2) We wasted $20 registering to be an "official" seller when none of the houses in our court did it. 3) The layout of our stuff wasn't conducive to selling. The clothes should either be laid out or hanged instead of in boxes.

But it was also a good experience. The atmosphere was neighborly and fun and we got to talking to one of our neighbors (which we normally don't do). In the end we sold $150 of stuff and got to clear out our garage a little and gain some experience for the next year. Next year, we'll rock. We'll totally have a storefront and categories and stuff. Yeah.


LOVE the LoVe

I must say that one of my guilty pleasures is watching Veronica Mars. I'm guilty in that, I'm thirty years old. Why the hell am I doing watching a teen drama?

Well, it's so good. The writers are good, the storylines have continuity, and the characters are awsome. Kristin Bell & Jason Dohring have so much chemistry it's palpable.

The scenes they had together from the last episode had me in tears. Logan - drunk - telling Veronica how their love was epic, their near-kiss...with Veronica pulling away the last minute, and Veronica the next day pouring out her feeling only to find out that Logan didn't remember anything he said the night before and on top of it, that he had just spent the night with another woman. Tears - I was in tears. Come on kids, you can work this out!

There's only two more episodes before the finale - I can't wait.



Tomorrow is the annual Petchitecture event and I'm really bummed I won't be able to go. I've gone, I would say, 3 three times and every time I had a great time! The last time I was able to bring my dog Blue and let him socialize. Haha. Lucie last minute said she'd give her ticket to me, but the way I'm so exhausted in the past few week, I probably won't be able to enjoy. Plus, I'm too big and weak to make sure my 120 lb. dog behaves.

I feel our firm always puts out an excellent piece of furniture for the event and this year is no exception. This year, MBH is putting out a piece dedicated to the dog, since it's the year of the dog. I only wished I was part of the team. Well, there's always next year.



Even more cute baby stuff from Sprout Home: bibs! This time I do have a favorite. It's the egg / hot dog combo.

Baby Bodysuits!

Oh...look at these cute little baby bodysuits! They're 100% cotton and comes in the "take-out" container! Fun gift idea for a baby shower. Which one do I like? Hmm...the dog! No...the dinosaur....or the ox...No, I want them all!

Find it at Sprout Home.


Timbuk2 Spring Sale!

Just wanted to let you know that Timbuk2 is having a spring sale: 30% off select items including the Marina Laptop bag I wrote about months back. Hurry, they're selling out pretty quick!

I Want Sumbody to Share...

Over the weekend, I treated myself to an early birthday present - to get a massage! This time, I tried sumbody in Alameda - by Park street near the Tomatina, Starbucks and Pippen Hill (Joanna's favorite baby store) and I came out of there feeling great.

First of all, I guess I wasn't expecting a whole lot. I've been to Azul Spa in Berkeley and while the massage was pretty good, I found the ambiance lackluster at best. The partial height partitions made everything bright and I can hear conversations in the main sitting area while I was getting my massage. Now, it's not as nice as International Orange because there, I remember they had a nice lounge with one of the best dark chocolates I've ever tasted in my life - I've even tried to call to see if I can buy those chocolates to no avail. The massage was great there as well. My problem with them is that they don't have easy access from Bart and it's so hard to get parking!

Sumbody is a mixture of the two. It's a small place. I don't recommend having a spa party there since there's really no place to "hang out" and chat, but with that being said, the atmosphere of the spa area is really well done. The rooms are cabanas and the lighting / music fit in to transport you from a typical Alameda storefront to...Some sort of cabana paradise (sorry, I'm no writer). The massage I got was so great, I can't believe 75 minutes went by that fast. The best part? They did not try to sell me their products at the end - coz' I hate that. I always get duped into buying some expensive cream that I never use. Of course, there are a few things they can improve: 1) Add a closer to their door. Sometimes I can hear the door opening and closing (because we are only in tents - no drywall to shield you from the noise) and 2) Splurge on better slippers - one that does not make noise when you walk (because of reason found in #1).

Overall, I loved the experience and was happily surprised that I found a place that's pretty good that is not so far away (like Napa), nor super expensive (like International Orange) and not ugly (Like Azul - sorry). I'm actually thinking of going back there next time I've saved a few bucks. Thanks so Ann - who was a very good!