RIP Nate Fisher

God - Six Feet Under was great tonight. It's great acting all around - especially Michael C. Hall. His scene with Brenda was particularly touching.

Lina and I had made a bet: She says Nate dies, I say that he'll have a stroke. But regardless, we knew he wasn't going to be "normal" again. They did pull through - but I thought I was winning there for the first 50 minutes.

The cougar killing the guy in the beginning was symbolic. Life seems to be going ok, then BAM! a cougar eats you. Overall, I thought it took guts to kill Nate halfway through the season, but guts in a good way.

Hook Me Up

Hooks are great. Place them by the door, and the can hold up jackets, coats & scarves. Place them in the bathroom, and they hold up towels & robes. Place them near your vanity and use them as jewelry holders (as seen on Domino)

These hooks are from El Paso & Anthropologie. They're just my type.

Another Cool Ipod...Case

Ahh, yay! Timbuk2 has come up with an Ipod case. So very cute. I wish they had more colors though. i'd like for my Ipod case to match my messenger bag!


King Kaysar's Final 6

TV is going to be my downfall, I tell you. I get so into it sometimes...What am I doing midnight on a Friday, looking at the live feed posts. I tell myself I'm not addicted coz I didn't pay for the Big Brother live feeds...but isn't it just as bad to be scanning the Live feed Boards for the latest of the hamsters?

My other summer crush is Kaysar (wearing cap) who was the HoH the past week. This is the pic of their "Final 6" plan to oust creepy firefighter Eric.

Of course, as my luck would have it, this alliance is a short one - the winner of HoH this week is creepy firefighter's secret partner Maggie - who has put Kaysar & James up for eviction. Do they have a chance? I'm not hopeful.


Naked And Happy

Look at these pretty shower curtains from Urban Outfitters. They're all so funky and cute. Heh. "Naked and Happy" should be everyone's motto.

Skaen Shirts!

I didn't know Lina's friend is a skaen designer. Their shirts are way way cool. The website? Even cooler. You gotta check it out.

Joanna today, showed me a couple of the shirts she bought. Both looked really really cool. There's even one with a little Jesus pin at the bottom.


As I'm re-watching TAR - Season 2, I can't help but smile at all the wonderfulness that is this season. Yes, I hated Tara & Wil, and Chris & Alex (mostly because of their association with Tara & Wil) but who can resist Blake? I mean, check out this outfit! The blazer, the tie, the shorts and cap. That's one yummy dork.

Who else would've thought to rent a metal detector in the middle of the night (and lose their place in the line for hand gliding) to find the clue before it officially opens the next day?

I've only seen three episodes so far, and I'm firmly re-crushing on him.



Awww...These are such beautiful rings! Each is like a work of art though -so each ring is about $60 - but I want to have at least 3 of them! Find these at SmallThings.


Singing For Our Lives

What the fuck?! That was some episode. Is Nate dead? Did he have a stroke?

I'm reminded of the episode back at the beginning of Season 3 - where Nate was seeing all these visions. There was one with David re-teaching Nate how to speak:

Nate: "Cahh." David: "No, Nate, CaTT. CaTT" Nate: "Cahh"

And to top it off, Nate was just talking about how he did not want to raise a handicapped child. *gasp*

Why no previews??? Just when I thought Six Feet Under was becoming boring...bam!

Goldilocks of the CD Wallet

It took me a while to find these - the Goldilocks of the CD Wallet. I've been to stores, I scoured online tech stores. All I see are case-logic-ish CD wallets, which is nice, but it's too soft. I need something that can stand in a bookcase to file. I also find some really nice innovative CD cases - but those are too individual. I needed something that can hold more than 1 CD at a time - so I can group together certain CD, and with a lot, it won't take up too much space.

Then I realized that one girl had sent me a group of CDs sent in one CD case. This was during my "trading" days (Hey, some artists - like Jack Johnson, allow trading of live shows - but I digress). I look inside the case and found my answer: Univenture.

This is called the Unikeep CD wallet - it holds about 10 pages of sleeves per box. And it's just right.

Office Phone for your Home!

Haha! What a cute phone! Ever think you're in the office way too less? Get this phone for your home, and then it'll always feel like you're at work! Heh. I love it! Find it at CB2.


Pleasure Me Cards

I'm strangely drawn to the idea of getting these PleasureCards. I love color! I love card-y stuff. These are like artsy "business cards"...and I don't even need a fancy design. Just get me a card in a nice shade of orange or brown. (What is up with my love affair for orange lately? I used to hate orange? It's Moulin Rouge all over again.)

The problem I have is that in order to buy these, I'll have to "sign up". And I hate "signing up" for stuff on the internet - I am all sign-ed up. But hey, if you start receiving these cards from me, you'll know I've caved.

Boomerang Tags

I actually went through a bunch of ID tags for Blue before I found this. I've done the coin-machine one, which was sentimental because it was his first tag. I've even gotten one from George - which was excessive, but it was this Boomerang Tag - which slides in the collar, that I give my ultimate thumbs up. It's nice, simple yet handsome, and it won't cling, clang or get stuck. It's a nice little bow-tie for your dog. Plus, the people who run it are absolutely great.


Department of Redundancy Department

Call me crazy for watching Big Brother (I know! I know! It's baaddd TV). But this year...it's actually so bad...it's kinda good. Kaysar - the hottest guy in there - was wearing this last week. Heh. I want it. You can get it too at Anthropologie.


Rent The Movie

I think everybody who knows me knows about my obsession with Rent. I just loved loved loved the musical (Thanks to Lizette for tuning me in) and it's the only musical I've seen, like, what...8 times?? 3 times - Benny tour SF, 1 time - Collins tour SF, 2 times NYC - bought full price, 2 times NYC - Lotto. Oh, good times.

And I've been good - really good. I haven't been singing Another Day. I haven't been listening to the CD. I haven't posted on CompulsiveBowlers ...That was until today.

I just watched the trailer for the movie - and my heart started beating - God, I love this show. Is it me? Am I just biased? But the trailer got me all excited for November. It looks like it might just be a good movie.

So...don't be surprised if I start signing in the halls again. One soongggg glooriieeeeeeee...


Even though I knew about this show for a while, it's only recently that I've started watching. My poor TiVo needed something to record, and after seeing Jaime Hyneman's picture in Readymade's recent issue, I thought it was time to put it on my Season pass.

I'm glad I did because this is a show that hubby and I actually enjoy together! Who knew science would be fun? Plus, that fact that they're local makes them even cooler.

Who knew you'd be safe underwater if someone is trying to shoot you? If the shooter is directly above, you need to get down about 8 feet below the surface...But, if the shooter is aiming from an angle (about 30 degrees) you'd be fine if you're 3 feet below the surface! I'll definetly keep that piece of info.

Also, did you know that by adding salt to a bucket of ice, your drink will be cold faster? Ahh...things you learn from Mythbusters.


When the album is prettier than the pictures...

I have loved these Kolo Albums for a while now, so I thought I'd post about it. Kolo has leather, cloth & paper photo albums. They also have storage boxes and even archival / portfolio albums.

The Vineyard is their classic paper album. These are the ones I have floating around at home. I Like it because I can personalize each album for each particular outing. Like... fishing trips, birthday parties...

The Noci, is bound like a book, and would hold the typical 4" x 6" photos.

The Mini-mini, is a miniature version of the vineyrad and I think a great party favor!

Birthday Boy

Blue turns two today! As a birthday treat, we took him to the Carquinez Straight for a little dog run. But because it was so hot - we were all pooped.

West Elm Bed

If I'm going to get something from West Elm, it would be either this headboard or the daybed (for the guest room). I love the color of the wood and the "spiderweb" like design of the headboard. Gives you like a modern moroccan feel, if that's even a term. Plus with the reasonable prices, it's almost possible to buy. Almost.


Write It Down!

Just a few cool things from Knock-Knock.Biz - The Matchbox wrapping paper, which I think looks cool. But it's actually too cool, that I wouldn't waste it on actually wrapping something. Heh. The Personal Library Kit I'm debating on getting since I've been lending out my DVD's and somehow, it's almost never returned. Hmm...If I have this I can keep track! Knock-Knock has a version for CD's & Books as well. The notepads, I love. I have the "TO DO" and the "Pros And Cons". I plan to collect it all!


Pumas & The Mongolian BBQ

Since my Pumas were eaten by Blue, I've yet to replace them. I love my red californias but haven't seen them out since the time that I bought them. I've seen blue & black Californias but I don't want then in that color. I want it bright! I want it Red! Or Orange/Brown, which I've come to love recently.

The TT Super looks cool. It's on my list to buy next!

Oh, and I was crusing on their website, I found out about the MongolianBBQ Pumas - which for $130, you get to mix & match vintage fabric, colors to make a shoe that's unique! Oh, and you don't get to do this online - you have to wait until the MongolianBBQ comes to your city. For San Francisco, It'll be at the Concept store on Market Street from August 15 till September 25. And then that's it! It's a cool concept...but a little too pricey for me. Ah, we'll see come next month.


Flat Pak Me!

If I can buy a house, like I would buy a piece of clothing, I'd get myself a FlatPak House. Designed by Charlie Lazor, this house comes in flat packs that are delivered and assembled on site. You go online and build yourself a house, you buy it and they come and put it together! Ok, not that easy - but you know what I mean. It's also about $150 a square foot so it's not all that cheap. But when you think about how expensive house prices are here in the Bay Area. It does make you think!


Spa Heaven

Whenever I feel stressed...I start thinking about getting a massage - even though I know I can't afford it.

International Orange - is one of the best spa places in San Francisco. Hah, who am I kidding? It's the only place I've been to in San Francisco, but that does not discount the fact that it's good.

Plus, the chocolates. Theirs is heavenly. It's dark, and in blocks of yummy goodness. God, I have to start saving.

Blue Toys!

Just because Blue is turning 2 (July 15) - I've been looking for a cool gift. Planet Dog always has some cool beds as well as cool toys. Maybe I'll get him a little earth ball. Or a little dog bone. But knowing him, all he really wants is to go play in the water!


Canvas Art

I was browsing through Urban Outfitters online - I don't really know why. I guess I was bored with the regular sites I go through. Anyway, this caught my eye. It a canvas wall art - It's 24" x 36" pretty good size and it'll match the room I'm trying to decorate. For $35.00, I think it's worth it.

I went to the Berkeley UO and they had other designs, but not this. (I'm a little glad, coz' I'm low on cash) Maybe I'll start a Froogle Wish List....maybe this will be on it.


Readymade Rules!

I can't believe I did not know about Readymade magazine until now. This is only the #17 issue so I'm not that late into the game. I guess it's like getting into Lost on the second season...something like that. They show you how to make cool things, like step by step. Now, granted, I have yet to make something from their magazine, but I could if I wanted to. They've made cardboard furniture (reminded me of studio), skirts out of pillowcases, belts out of transit cards, lampshade out of slides. It's pretty darn cool. Thanks Julie - for getting me hooked into this!

The picture above shows you how to make a regular stainless steel ruler into a magnet board. The best part about the current issue is it takes some of Ikea's known furniture into something totally different yet creative. Did you know you can take the Billy Bookshelf and make it into a bed?

I got so obsessed, I ordered two back-issues (I never do that) - and I'm on the lookout for more.


Dress Up Your Ipod

The coolest things always come at a price. The I-Vod DJ from Vaja Cases start at $80.00 and that does not count in the shipping. But of course, when you have a cool gadget, you need to dress it up with a cool case. When I was first thinking about getting an Ipod, I looked and looked at people who had the nice cases. Lizette's Ipod had the vaja case on and it's the most beautiful Ipod case I've ever seen - and until now, I've yet to find something close.

Now, the don't make this "DJ" version for my 3rd gen, but I'm keeping it in mind for when I do upgrade.