A Bad Premonition

It's been a whole week since I watched this on DVD, but the sour taste has not left my mouth. This picture of Sanda is so telling of the movie itself. It's ugly, distraught & frustrating.

5 minutes into the movie, my hubby turned to me and said, this sucks, and went to sleep. And for the remainder, I had to sit through this all by myself. As I watch, a mental debate is running through my head: Why finish it? It sucks. But, you're already invested time into it! Don't you want to know what the answer to the mystery? But it's so. fucking. slow...(pause)...fine. i'll watch it. fucking curiousity - kills the cat every time.

The worst part for me is Sandra herself. Aside from While You Were Sleeping, I don't really like her, and i almost hate most of her characters. This movie made it glaringly obvious that she cannot act. At least, i'm not buying it. There's a scene in the movie where she wakes up to find her husband alive for the second time, so she goes in the shower while he's in it, hugs him from behind and just holding on because she did not know whether she's going to wake up again and he's dead - but the hug looked so empty. I did not feel that she loved him or even cared. She's like an "empty vase" (haha. a Friends reference). She felt so disconnected from everyone else in the movie - even her kids!!! I did not feel that she loved her children! She sucks big time.

Please save yourself the rental and not watch this film. The reslution - the answer to the whole mysetry - is even lame. She was the reason he died! (oops. spoiler) In trying to save him, she drove him to the exact scene of the accident. You know what? Made me hate the character even more. geez, poor huband - should've gone ahead on cheated on her sorry ass. (oops. another spoiler). That's it. End of Rant.

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