Joshua & Lorenzo

Today was the MBH Kids Christmas Party! It was Joshua's first so we all went. I found out the it was the first time my hubby has been in MBH in the 6 years I've worked there. Oops, didn't mean to ban him!

Anyway, this is a pic of Joshua and his friend Lorenzo - Lina's baby. We were able to nab Santa's chair the minute it freed up. Click click went the cameras as we tried to "pose" them. Heh heh, I think they were confused as to who the other person was, and why we deemed them "friends" and forced them into uncomfortable poses for our own pleasure. This was probably for us then it is for them. At 6 months, they don't even know what Santa means. But they will never be this old again (and this agreeable), so here's to our memories of Christmas 2006.

Merry Fucking Christmas!

Heh. I thought this was pretty cool. You know, in a jaded kind of way. I mean, who really likes giving christmas cards? It's just something you really have to do. To be nice. Now, if I only have the guts to send this out....

Anyway, get it at O Plus D. You'll find a lot of other naughty things in there!