Weekend Movie Marathon Reviews

It was a weekend full of movies for me, and while it's fresh on my mind, here's what I thought:

500 Days of Summer

I enjoyed this movie. It was not as *kilig* (I can't find the right translation, sorry!) as I thought it would be, but it was a very good movie. Here's a few things I was thinking of:
  • Man, that Joseph Gordon Levitt sure grew up nice. He was perfect in this role. He was a little dorky, a little hot. A guy in love. In a world where it's always the girl geek falling in love with the quarterback, this was a nice change.
  • Wow. Zooey. is. hot. All the shots of her were absolutely beautiful. I get it. I get why you fall in love with her.
  • The jumping of timeline sort of confused me. Every time they would flash to what day (of 500) it was, I immediately think: Wait! Wait! Was this pre- or post- break up?
  • It was also a bit too artsy for me. Did we really need that musical number in there?
  • 3/4 of the way through, I gave up the thought that they would get back together. Duh, they said it in the beginning, it was not a love story. Still - you root for the guy...
  • I also like that he was an architect. We never get a lot of representation in the movies...

This Is It

I was able to see this in the movies (trying to sneak one in while the kids were asleep) but I went ahead and splurged on a Blu-Ray since I fell for the ole Target $5.00 Gift Card trick. My few thoughts on this:

  • What can I say, like most of the dancers interviewed in the movie, we grew up on Michael Jackson songs! I remember performing "Billie Jean" with Gel & Jiki for the neighborhood in a contest (Yes, I was Michael, and NO - we lost to a boy who break danced to Bad)
  • The big reason why I loved this movie was that it had nothing to do with him being Wacko Jacko, it was just about the concert. Like most controversial issues, you have a stand - nothing can persuade you one way or another. This movie was not trying to do that. If you like his songs, you'd love this movie
  • I also felt a great deal of sadness and loss that this whole production - which looked fantastic would never see the light. All the costumes, all the rehearsals, all the props...
  • If the movie wanted me to see a version of him that is different from what the tabloids have been showing ,then it did it's job. What I saw was an artist - who still got it.
  • Man...those are great songs.
Sex and The City

I bought the DVD during Black Friday ($4!!) and have not whipped it out. I thought it was a good time to break it open as the kids were napping and it was a lazy Saturday afternoon. (Full review here) Here are my thoughts as I rewatch this movie:
  • The scene as just as powerful the second time around. I bawled, of course. The thing that struck me was that it was so believable. You wedding day is so hectic, if I lost my phone. I would not have noticed. I believed how Carrie can get Carried away without meaning to. I believed that Big would falter, if just for a second. It all rang so true (and yet, who among us have been asked to model all these fah-bu-lous dresses and have one given to you?? who among us have walked in an open house to a beautiful yet un-affordable house, turn to our partners and say "I love it!" and be living there the next month? Hah!!)
  • The Steve-Miranda storyline I still loved the second time around. The scene where Steve confessed....my heart broke. I thought it was great acting. The scene on the bridge...tears!!!
  • The only thing that seemed out of place - if ever, was the Samantha falling out of love with Smith. I don't get how Samantha would even get to a point where she was just managing Smith's career, and we didn't see that.


This was playing on Showtime last night and it was my third time watching it and this time, I had my handy dandy remote control with me. My thoughts as I watch:

  • What. an. absolute. piece. of. shit. movie. this. is.
  • Go through my archives - I was fuckin' in love with Robert Pattinson. As I was re-watching this garbage, I do not see it. Edward was not handsome in this move at all. He had horrible reading on his lines! The one that comes to mind was the car scene when he first picked Bella up from the men at Port Angeles. Horrible!! When I read the book, it was dashing the way Edward rescued Bella. This interpretation? Deplorable!!!
  • When Edward first said "We can't be friends" to Bella at the field trip, I was all, "What? When were we friends!!??" (It makes more sense in the book, but did not translate well on screen...)
  • Of course, Bella still can't act.
  • When Edward showed off his glittery body, I laughed. When he swung from tree to tree as he spoke of his "abilities" as a Vampire, I laughed. Every time tell Bella, "You are my life now" I laugh.
  • I see Jacob on the screen and I *bloop-bloop-bloop* fast forward (after I laugh...)
  • I counted 3 (three!!!) scenes where Edward was hot: 1) First time in school as a couple - as he walked with Bella in shades 2) The first kissing scene - before the super OA (over acting) flying against the wall part and 3) In the Prom - all parts where he was smiling.
I have not seen New Moon yet, but I already wonder what Twilight would've been like if it had a better director...If only we can see.