Team Food: A Sesame Seed Bagel shout out

I just want to give a shout out to the sesame seed bagel. Every monday, while it sucks to get out of bed, thinking about the entire week of work ahead of me, there is one shining spot. Every Monday at the office is Bagel Day! We get quite a selection of Panera Bread Bagels (yum!) with all kinds of shears.

The funny part is that within the eagerness of Bagel day is the subset of people called the Sesame Seed Bagel People. I started noticing since if I just end up getting in a bit late, all the sesame seed bagels are gone! So, I started keeping an eye out every Monday for the bagels to come in and... Ka-Bam! I'm maneuvering my way to the kitchen. Lo and behold, all the other SSBP are also in the kitchen! It's like 5 people all toasting the same fuckin' bagel. What is up with that!? They eventually figured it out and added more sesame seed bagels to the pile (it used to be 5% and now, it's like 30%), but it's a bit funny what people will do to food.

Go Team Food!

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