True Blood - Season 2 / First Half Review

How much do I love this show?! Just when I thought I had enough...no, I actually couldn't and love it even more. I'm all caught up and Ep. 6 was awesome. I cannot wait for Sunday.

Bill / Jessica / Hoyt
I love Jessica. When we first glimpse her last season, I was skeptical. I thought: Great. Obviously, this will be the wedge that will break up Bill/Sookie. But, No!! I actually love Jessica and what they are doing to her. I love how she brings out the "papa" in Bill (not that Bill isn't dorky enough, but unless I haven't said it enough time, I love dorky, fathery Bill!) This scene above where Bill makes her take the TruBlood is all sorts of cute. What else could over-cute that? Jessica / Hoyt. I love them. I love the "teen" version of vampire love. I love that they talk all night to the point that Hoyt's mama turned off his cell phone. I love that the first thing Jessica does when she wakes up is to see if Hoyt wrote her a text message.

Eric - Entertainment Weekly's "Hottest" Vampire
EW claims that they can't choose between Team Bill or Team Eric and I must say I can't too. Bill & Sookie are perfect for each other, but there is something so hot about Eric - most especially after his haircut! Like Lina said, he is much taller than Eric, he gets points for that alone - but there's something more. He's powerful, he's evil (??), and yet, he is fair / kind (see Bill, see Lafayette), and he's conniving (come on...Lorena!!) In any case, i'm so happy for this development and hope to see more of him soon.

Fellowship of the Fuckin' Sun
At first, this really bored me. I mean, we all know somethings not right with the Newlins. We all know that Sarah (and / or Steve) would have the hots for Jason. There were even Vegas odds on who (Sarah / Steve) would do and what episode it would happen (FYI - the people who bet Sarah / Episode 6 were all right on!). But! But! This week, it did get interesting! Aihhh!!!! Did Sarah know what Steve was up to? Is she just using Jason? Why is she fuckin' in church!? Did Steve know that Sookie is the telepath? Did Sarah know? Who was the mole? Did they know Jason is Sookie's brother?? They must've...right!? Where does Isabel fit into all of this? Did Eric know this would happen (hence, him bringing Lorena in)? Is having sex with a gay vampire really the "cream de la cream" of sins?!

What the maenad is this!?
Ok. If there's one storyline I am most bored with, it is this. It is so fucking slow. What the hell is Maryanne? What the hell is a maenad!? Who is she after? Why Sam? Why all the freakin' scary orgies!? They freak me out, man!!! If I see that coroner bangin' with black beady eyes again...I will...I willl...I don't know. I just want to know what the freak is going on. Plus, I still couldn't believe Tara would allow Maryanne to live in the house without asking Sookie first. Why didn't she at least call Sookie and say, "Hey, I'm having my new sexy, boyfriend over...is that cool with you?" It just seems so out of character for her.

Bad Bad Bill
Now, this seems to be such the topic in the forums that I'm going to venture an opinion. So, in the flashback from Lorena, we get to see Bill at his worst. Where they actually murdered these two people and Bill didn't seem all to sad about it. In fact, he even gave Lorena a necklace and had sex with her in front of the dying body!!

Everybody seemed to be disturbed over this. I've also read outrageous statement like, "If Alan Ball wants us to be sympathetic to the vampires, why would they make Bill be evil!" "Bill lied to Sookie! He was really really bad!! I don't like him anymore!" OK. Enough. Here's my take. This is an Alan Ball show. Of course it's going to be complicated. Of course, it's not going to be a good v evil. Of course Bill has an evil / dark side. Why do people have the need to make the "hero" free of flaws? Why would Bill being a really really bad vampire 80 years ago make less of what he is today?? That's what we are trying to find out. We want to know what made him reform. What made him break up with Lorena. Bill having that sort of history makes him more interesting to me.

Another thing: Alan Ball is not trying to get you to like vampires. He is not trying to get you to love Bill because he is the "best vampire out there!" There's no "message" that vampire rights = gay rights. Don't feel like you must defend the VRA because you believe in gay rights. It is not the same. Hating all the random killing that Bill has done in his past does not mean you are homophobic! What?!! Yes, go to Televisionwithoutpity and you can see some people actually think this!

Overall...I love Bill. I love Bill/Sookie. I love Eric. I love Eric/Pam. I love Terry and the PTSD care he gave Lafayette. I love Jessica/Hoyt. I love the "vampire" hotel. Not loving Maryanne. Not loving Eggs. Yet. Not sure how to feel about Daphne. Feel bad for Sam.


Tru Blood - Buy it!

Gel told me about this and immediately we all want to - need to - have it! Hee! I'd love to try this out in our lunchroom to see if anybody will recognize it. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone left in the office enjoys the same TV as I do. Boo!


What About Bill (Compton)?

The DVDs went by fast and I'm craving for Season 2 episodes. With a low cash flow, I really can't afford HBO - dammit!! Anyway, now that I'm done with Season 1, I'm ready to give my Bill Compton critique.

Somebody just tell me if Stephen just can't pronounce Sookie or is it some sort of authentic interpretation of how one speaks 175 years ago. I love the fact that he's old school, but it's also I think his least desirable quality. It's not just the words, it's the whole "oldies" deameanor. I'm not quite sure how I love it.

Eek! A naked man!
Jason Stackhouse has the most beautiful naked body in TV. Hands down. I'm glad Alan Ball makes it a point of showing this off almost every episode (Admit it! He's got a tight ass and body and whether that body is fuckin' or hallucinatin' or sleepin' or high on V, it's a flawless piece of specimen). That being said, I feel for all of the other naked men on the show. Bill is pudgy in comparison and even to an extent Sam. Sam should have a good body, if he spends a lot of time running like a dog - right? (wrong!) Poor Bill - I think he's bringing up the rear (Hah!) in this department. I love him still, don't get me wrong, but Lina is right, sometimes, he should just keep his clothes on.

Bangs Anyone!?
Ok, Stephen's hairdresser really needs to go back to the pilot episode for some styling tips. In the Pilot, Bill Compton looked hot. His hair although not unruly, was a little ruffled and it added to the danger. Somehow in the course of the season, it felt like Bill was spending a lot of his day time blow drying his bangs to the point that his hair (ahem, bangs) were more even than Sookie's. Come on!

Fang It!

Ok, I hate the fangs. I do. An otherwise sexy Bill turns less sexy hen he's sporting the fangs and I think I know why. Because it's being modeled after the fangs of the snake (like it's retracts in front of the actual set of teeth), when the do who the fangs, the lips pop-out further and normal and this makes the proportions of the face kind of...unproportioned. I know I'm not quite explaining this well, but it's not the reason why I tune in. I wonder if there is appeal to the fangs. I know Twilight doesn't use fangs (and they can also walk in the light, which is very convenient)

Crispy Bill
UGH!!! This is the one scene where I'm very disappointed. I wish the could've done this scene very differently. The scene in question is on the finale of Season 1 when Sookie is in trouble and Bill senses it but couldn't leave because it is daylight. Because of his love, he risked dying by going out into the light and getting burned). The crispy bill is so not attractive. Now i know it's not suuposed to be attractive but I also think that no one comes back to "life" from that. How can hair grow back then they're DEAD? In my interpretation of that scene, Bill works up the nerve and yes, does out into the light - but DIAL it about 3 notches down. He did say that they just "get weak", why not show that? a lot less make up and a lot more acting. I think it can be pulled off where Bill looks like it's so much effort to take every step and his face slowly getting that sunburned look (like when you go to the beach and didn't put on sunscreen). He could be stumbling, pain in his face that he couldn't reach Sookie in time, he could act like he was dying - without the "zombie" make up distracting the viewers from the importance of this scene - which was, no matter how much he loved her, he could NEVER be there when it's day. To me, I can't even concentrate coz I'm glued to the bad make up job!!

Graveyard Sex
Sorry. Not hot. NOT! HOT! AT! ALL! Bill almost looked like the incredible hulk coming out of the ground and the ass shot was not flattering (as said above) and his face covered in mud. Ew. And the thought of all. that. dirt. going into places unwanted. Couldn't he just zipped her back to the bath tub and get it on there? It was only a few paces away! A second in vampire speed! I don't know. I didn't like it.

Wow. That sounded like a lot of complaining on my part! Heh. I'm still on the Bill/Sookie train. And I did try to feel it for Sam/Sookie. I swear I did. I think Sam is kinda hot in his own way, and try as I might, I don't think he's right for Tara either...

Now, I'm kinda lovin' on Eric / Pam. I love Eric's voice. It feels scary and kinda hot. I love Pam as well. We'll see, huh?


True Blood - A review of the First 6 Episodes

So I burned through 6 episodes in the last few days and I have to take a moment before I forget all my thoughts.

I can truly say now how deep I am into this show. In the first six episodes, laughed, cried, been aghast, squirmed, squeaked, squealed. I've covered my eyes in horror. I've giggled in delight. I just love it when a show is that multi-faceted.

The Dream
The scene above is one of my favorites so far. It was the scene where Bill dreams that Sookie was being choked and it woke him up but because it was not quite sundown, he couldn't get to her. It was powerful. For one who had all these "powers" it was the one thing he couldn't do. The relief and love on his face when he did see she was okay was just too cute. Also, a few moments later with Bill & the Collie (who I'm assuming at this point is Sam) were just standing there was also a nice little scene.

Another big shocker was of course the scene that led to this in the first place. I knew I should've know it but I didn't - OK? I was going OMFG! OMFG! when the poor granny was on the floor. Come on, she was one of the cooler grannies on TV! Some people were commenting on Sookie's non-reaction, but I beg to differ that some people are like that - that she was just so in shock that she was more numb than anything (which was why the scene with her eating the last of the pie, alone, crying, was powerful to me. To me, that was most believable grieving moment I've seen in a long while).

Bill's Family
OMG - this broke my heart too. When the mayor showed him the picture of his family, I didn't get it at first. I thought that was him as a kid. Then when he was seeing his family on the porch, then later to the bitch who made him a vampire when he refused her advances, I really felt for him and now understood when almost broke down there in the meeting. And hmm..tears of blood?

The Squicky / Squeely
The opening scene of episode three, I don't know what to think. Sookie comes in to Bill's house to give him the contractor names when she finds herself in the midst of all these creepy vampires. It was scary. They were playing with her life and all you see if Bill in the corner chair not doing anything. What the fuck!! If you really loved her, wouldn't you have charged at the others the minute they laid their spooky hands on her? That's what Edward would've done! Then I realize that this is Alan Ball where no character is flawless. Bill wasn't going to be the perfect boyfriend. Bill is still a vampire and he still has his own life where he had these interactions as part of normal. And to think of that was when he was going to feed on Hep D boy right in front of Sookie!!! I didn't know what to think at first. My romantic side cried for him to "do something!!" but I wasn't going to get that. I did think the "She's mine" line to be incredibly hot.

Another sort of moment like this was in the car after Fangtasia wen they were almost going to kiss and the cop pulls them over and (grr!!) ruins the mood. I was getting all pissed that he had to do that. By that, I mean "show his power" to the cop. It ruined the mood! Again, there are a few theories but the one I buy is that he is not perfect and sometimes his ego supersedes romance. Hey, that sounds like human men!

The Supporting Cast
Lafayette - my favorite supporting member. The best part for him so far would be the AIDS Burger scene. Rednecks didn't want to eat the burger he cooked because he was gay and therefore had AIDS. His response - Wham! Bam! and ends it with, "Tip your waitress!" Hee.

Sam - He's weird too - and I don't know if it's the wolf-ness (again, just my theory, but if Twilight had a Jacob, we need a warewolf here too, no?) but he has this weird vibe. And what's up with sleeping with Tara? He reminds me of Felicity's Noel - anybody? A cross between Scott Foley & Colin Farrel. In any case, he is quite cute.

Tara - Sometimes, I think she's overacting with her reactions to Jason. It's SO obvious! But other times, like her interaction with her mom, I think it's so believable. So, there you go! And what's up with the casual sex with Sam?

Jason - I guess he's the prettiest, just not my type, I guess. But he did have a few stupid funny moments. The acting is superb though, he's pulling of dumb really well.

When I first saw Sam, I immediately liked him and thought for some reason he was the vampire. When Bill came in the bar, my first thought was, "ugh, he's not handsome!" but by the end of the second episode when we see the fantastic chemistry between Anna & Stephen, I was in love. Is it wrong that this is the second vampire character I've crushed on in a year?

I almost forgot to talk about the last scene in eppy 6. I'm not quite sure what to think yet. On the one hand, Sookie running towards Bill and Bill sensing her coming was definitly sorta hot. It was happening and you knew it. The kiss was great. He swooped her and carried her it. That was great. The sex in front of the fireplace...I'm guessing Bill didn't really have a room since he sleeps under the house. I loved that he was torn - he didn't want to hurt her, but...and...she's...all nodding...then....EEEKK!! Blood! Gah! Credits!!


True Blood Vs. Twilight

It took a little while (damn Netflix queue!) but I was finally able to see the first two episodes of True Blood. Lina has been telling me about this ever since I was "hooked" on the Twilight series (yes, you saw my posts...you know!) but seeing as we've let go of HBO for a while now, I had to wait for the DVDs to come out before I can even watch. I had faith that I was going to like it because 1: My friends said so and 2: It was on HBO - at least I know the quality must be there.

I tried to stay away from news, spoilers and such and even now, just having the first disc...I don't know what's going to happen. I just know I'm tempted to go out to Best Buy tomorrow and get the whole series....

I loved it. Alan Ball is brilliant. I mean, Six Feet Under was total genius already and this is also a brilliant piece of art. What do I love about it? Everything! From the casting, to the opening credits, to the lighting, it was creepy, scary, fun...but because I loved it so much, I can't help but compare the two. So, here goes:

Hot Ass Vampire: Edward Vs. Stephen
This is the draw to the whole thing, right? You gotta have one fuckin' hot vampire or else the whole franchise is dead (hah! pun!). Both Rob Patterson and Stephen Moyer fit the bill perfectly. Both are supposed to have a "timed" quality being they're hundreds of years old, but whereas this just made Edward into a prude, I found Bill to be so sexy. The scene where he couldn't enter Sookie's house because she didn't "invite" him in was hot ("hot" said in a singsong voice). The edge is definitely on Bill's side since 1: I don't feel like a pervert since he's not in high school!! (I know Rob is not, but you know...) 2: He doesn't have a blu-ish tint and powder on his face and 3: He "glamours" at me and I wanna take off my clothes (Haha...)

I partly think that Rob is a big draw to the Twilight crowd whereas Stephen feels like just a part of what makes True Blood great. Let's see what happens when New Moon hits the theaters...

The Herione: Bella Vs. Sookie
So let's talk about the actual hero of both shows: the mortal woman (in love with a vampire). To me, Sookie wins this hands down - for now. I do reserve the right to get irritated with her later on. As I remember it, I did love Bella in the beginning but man, she grated on my nerves especially in the end, especially in the movie. Kristen was an overacting Bella while I thought that Anna Paquin is doing an awesome heroine - one who is not weak, one who doesn't seem to be interested in being a vampire, one who can hold her own against Bill, and one who makes being a virgin actually sexy and sweet, one with an actual story.

It is funny that both Twilight / Sookie books have characters who can read minds and that they're attracted to the one person who can't. Hmmm.

Adaptation: Big Screen Vs. HBO
It is amazing to me that the quality of shows HBO spits out can easily take the Big Screen. I don't know if I should be crediting the directors here, but True Blood the production is so above and beyond the Twilight movie. I am hoping that with a new director, we can get a better movie in New Moon since although it is geared towards pre-teens, it doesn't mean the movie quality should suck (see Harry Potter for an example). As Alan Ball says in his commentary, why do vampires like contact lenses? Why are they always in a shade of blue? Stop dipping them in a vat of donut powder and you'll be in better shape. Stop overacting.

The One That Loves You: Jacob Vs. Sam
I know there are Team Jacobs out there (My sister is one!) but I always though it was a very uneven playing field. While they portrayed Jacob to be so fucking irritating, they made Edward such an Angel (which really sucks) in comparison that there was no way Bella was going to pick Jacob. Sam - who reminds me of a cuter Colin Farrell - may also be a lost cause. I don't know, I've really only seen him in a few lines, but I do feel for him. I was even rooting for him at first (until I realized how sexy Bill was) but I think that's already a good sign. Let's see where this goes...

The Audience
I remember complaining to Lina about Twilight and how it's missing this, and that, and how it's not giving me what I want and she basically said we were twenty years to old for this shit (not an exact Lina quote - ok?). It was really geared towards the pre-teen and it had to be dummied down for this reason. She told me to watch True Blood - and here I am...a year later it seemd. I feel True Blood is the Vampire show for my generation. There's sex. There's violence. There's gritty-ness. There's chemistry. There's depth of character. There's mystery.

Watch it.