Watch Rome!

Rome is such a good show I struggle to find the right words to let you know how good it is. I love both Pullo and Vorenus in different week and each week Lina & I compare how much we love these guys.
This last week, Pullo's wife is prenant and another woman (Gaia) is vying for Pullo's um, I wouldn't say affection, but nevertheless, she wants him (she wanted Vorenus too, that slut!) and didn't care by what means to get him. The previews for next week looks like she'll do something horrifying to Eirene's baby (sniff!!!!) and that'll be very hard for me to watch.
By the way, there's no such thing as censors to Rome. The amount of sex on this show is - a lot. This last episode alone had the following "love" scenes:
1) Octavia & Agrippa - two lovers engaged in forbidden love
2) Atia & Antony - being watched by her grown son Octavian
3) Pullo "punishing" Gaia for being rude to his wife
4)Vorena the Elder in bed with a man who is just using her
Poor Vorena...her first love is turning out to be fake. Poor Atia, watching the man she love marry her daughter because her son ordered it. Poor Octavia, marrying her mom's lover when she's in love with Marcus Agrippa - who she can't marry because he is not of noble birth. And poor Eirene...Want to know what happens next? Watch Rome this Sunday at 6.