Thoughts on Dexter (Part 1)

Wow. It's been more than a year since I've updated this blog. Funny how a Facebook account can just get the point across faster...but not when you don't have the friends that share your passion. Where are the Dexter fans?

I've just for the past few weeks watched all the Dexter episodes from start to finish. I've hesitated watching it all this time because I was afraid to see all the gore and the violence. Little did I know, I'd get so invested in the characters, the storyline and everything the way I was with other great shows like Six Feet Under, etc.

It all starts with a really amazing actor. Michael C Hall. Wow. I've loved him in Six Feet Under as David Fisher and I believed him in it. This, as Dexter Morgan, he is so different and true that I can hardly believe it's the same actor playing 2 very different roles. I am in awe.

As I've watched the entire 5 season in just a few weeks, I hope to remember all the nuggets that I've enjoyed in this roller coaster ride.

Random things in Season 1 to comment on:
  • Debra Morgan started out a bit clunky, I think, in the sense that she wasn't confident in her abilities as a cop. Always asking her brother to help her figure things out.
  • I loved that in the beginning, Dexter was looking through cold cases to find his victims (not something I'm loving in the more recent episodes).
  • It was alluded in this season that LaGuerta has a crush on Dexter. Not sure what happened there?
  • I hated Paul (Rita's ex) - and thought that Dexter banging Paul with the frying pan was one of the funniest things Dexter has ever done. To me, that was one real emotional reaction, which means he must've loved Rita.
  • I loved the Ice Truck Killer as the first big antagonist for Dexter and how that storyline unfolded the way it did. The pool of blood and Dexter slowly finding out about his birth mother was heartbreaking and intense as could be.
  • The reveal on Biney was also another really good turn at the end - the realization that he had a brother that was just like him and "Rudy" revealing himself to Deb...
  • I also really really loved Rita. I know what brought them together was for Dexter to "fit in" but I say that she did bring him a level of humanity. Their scenes in this season were perfect. They didn't say much but I thought they had some good chemistry. It was good acting on MCH's part to show someone who doesn't really know what "love" feels like to sort of have feelings, compassion and even a physical relationship. I thought he brought those to Dexter in a way that made you feel for him. Made you want him to find love and solace in the one person who loved him - even if she didn't really know what he was capable of doing.

Random Things in Season 2:
  • I hated Lila. I knew she was bad news the minute she laid eyes on Dexter.
  • I loved Doakes. I mean, I loved that he knew something was "wrong" with Dexter. It did get wild there by the end, but from Season 1 to portions of Season 2, it was just that you're-bad-news-but-I-cant-put-my-finger-on -it look that I loved.
  • Did I say I hated Lila? I think it bears a second repeating. Ugh. Parading around naked in the shower in the hopes that Dexter would stray. I did like that Dexter was just that socially inept that even that blatant come on did not work on him. She was persistent, though.
  • I loved Rita this season 2. She showed that she did have a back bone when she broke up with Dexter (because of Lila)
  • I also loved that this season, you see Dexter really falling for Astor & Cody. As much as a monster as he was, I believed he loved those children. Those little moments of Dexter making pancakes for them for breakfast is what endeared me to Dexter.
  • Bay Harbor Butcher. Lundy. Deb. Doakes. It's ALL good.
  • The montage of Dexter confessing to Deb about being the Bay Harbor Butcher was all kinds of awesome.
Will post about the next few seasons next!