A Barenaked Ladies Tribute (and my favorite Songs)

I've been a fan of the Barenaked Ladies since their Gordon days, but admit I've kinda fallen off the wagon since Steven Page left the band. It was only recently, as the kids have re-discovered their music thru my iPad that I've felt a bit nostalgic. They were a pretty great band with lots of good music, and I do want to still love them without Steven, but Kevin is just not a strong a vocalist as Steven was. But with so many albums and so many concerts attended, they remain as one of my favorite bands with songs that get me. ever. single. time.

Here are my favorite BNL songs:

#1 Off The Hook | Maroon

This may be my all time favorite BNL song. I'm not sure if it's because it wasn't one of the hits and therefore, it doesn't feel overplayed (ahem, One Week). I also really love the melody, the play of words, and by gosh, steven can really sing thing. Video is from their Ships N Dips tour.

Notable Lines: The credit card receipts / the dirty sheets / the souvenirs of men who cheat / it all makes sense / with each offense / you wanted to believe him / he could get away with murder one / and you would clean the smoking gun / with every crime / you bought each line / but not this time

#2 What a Good Boy | Gordon
I really really love this song. A very close second. The words just really strike me, and even though for a long time, I was like, 'What the fuck is a hairshirt?', it still a really great song. To me, this is about a person right out of college and thinking about the pressures on them from family to do good, to be good, to be someone. Steven just really nails this song.

See this, one of his Steven's last performances. This one at Massey Hall:

But, Ed I think can also pull it off. See this from a Hard Rock performance.

Notable Lines:  we've got these chains / hanging around our necks / people want to strangle us with them / before we take our first breath / afraid of change / afraid of staying the same / when temptation calls / we just look away

#3 Break Your Heart | Born on a Pirate Ship
I don't mean for this post to be all about Steven Page, but, here is yet another great song with his great vocals. It's kind of a break up song that I think is more prevalent - that people don't break up, because they dont' want to break the other person's heart. Here's a good one from the Stunt Tour in 1999.

Notable Lyrics: you arrogant man / what do you think that i am? / my heart will be fine / just stop wasting my time!

#4 Just a Toy | Born on a Pirate Ship
This was another one that is not a hit, but after finding out that the song was about Pinocchio and how one of the other toys must've felt like once Gipetto created Pinocchio, it had loved it. The words are just great.

Notable Lyrics: first there was me / nothing but time / till he came along / you told me you'd always be mine / forever / ever mine / look at his face / somewhat like mine / but look at his nose / you can always be sure when he's lying / forever / ever mine

#5 Call and Answer | Stunt
This is such a lovely song, much to the same vein as Break your heart and What a Good boy, the lyrics are great and really a great duet. My favorite has to be from the Au Naturale tour with Alanis Morisette.

Notable Lyrics: you think / i only think about you when were both in the same room / i'm only here to witness the remain of love exhumed / you think / we're here to play a game of who loves more than whom

#6 Running out of Ink | Barenaked Ladies are Men
Ahh, I love this song! I do love a lot of their upbeat / fast songs, but this one is really cool that I used it for one of my video albums. Here's Steven doing the song in a songwriter's panel. 

Notable lyrics: it's bleaker than you think / i'm running out of ink / give a guy a break / this is what it takes / to drive a man to drink

#7 If I had 1,000,000 | Gordon

I actually really really love this song. The only reason it's lower on the list is that it's one of their most famous songs so, it can be a little overdone - but man, this song is great LIVE. BNL uses this song at the end of their concert and each performance is different. This is just one, not the best, by any means, but just to show how cool the song really is. 

Notable Lyrics: (it's all good!)...but i really like this part: but not a real green dress, that's cruel

#8 BNL Rap 

Ah, this was the reason I've gone to many concerts and am glad it was something my hubby escorted me to. The rap is different each time, but always, always entertaining. this was from Farm Aid, back in 2000. You just have to see it to love it. Here's another one.