It's a race, kids!

Although the "Family Edition" of the race is not my favorite (I can already say that just by seeing the first episode), I am a loyal fan.

With that being said, I do not dig the kids at all. At all!! I mean, in the first episode when one of the Black kids (their last name is Black - ok) starts whining when he got stuck in very shallow water, I wanted to jump in the TV to kick him in. (in a joking manner of course)

These Gaghan kids are better, but all their enthusiasm just pisses. me. off. "Go mommy!" "You're great, daddy!" what-ever! There's a scene where the parent had to carry a buggy -with the kids in it- for 1.5 miles. Billy says, "Sorry I couldn't contribute" to which little sister Carissa says back, "Get used to it, dork!" Hah!

I'll give them a few more episodes...Let's see if I warm up to them.

Label This!

Who said office girls can't have fun? Ok, so no one actually said that...but, the office can be a boring place. Same binders, same old yellow post-its, Same ugly stapler...I could go on.

See Jane Work has fun, albeit girly, stuff for the office - like this clip-on label.


ReadyMade:The Book

You already know I love the ReadyMade magazine. Now I hear they're coming out with a book (already on pre-order at Amazon) on how to make almost anything! Perfect for Christmas - coz you know how people loovvee getting your crappy "crafts" as gifts. Heh...just kidding. I make crap-crafts too. That is why we need this book.

Google Earth

Found out about GoogleEarth through Mimi's blog, and she's right: it is cool! But instead of showing you where I live...here's where I work! Haha...


Pretty Face...Towel

I never splurge on linens because I'm still pretty much a new homeowner, and we usually save our money for actual furniture. It is really too bad because there's a lot of pretty out there. Take these beautiful face towels from Basic French. They're gorgeous!


Sliding on the Cheap

Summer is officially over which means we have snowboarding season to look forward to! I know there's no snow yet, but I do want to plug this very good site if you love to ski / snowboard. Sliding on the Cheap tells you what resorts are on sale, what coupons are being used where and which resorts have good deals. You know, things you need to know if you're a cheapskate like me!

Quovis Table

I try to steer clear of Design Within Reach - because honestly, it's not really within my reach - but I really like this Quovis work table.

Let me be clear, I can't use this table now, my house is so the wrong floor plan for it. But when we do move into a different house that will allow me to have a kitchen table, I'd love to have this as mine. So...if you know a good place that sells a knock-off of this, let me know! I know it's out there...

What's in the hatch, Jack?

3 weeks of NO TV is killing me. Now is really a bad time since all the season premieres are airing this week, and I venture it'll still be 2 weeks before I get to put my satellite back up (why didn't we just have cable??). Anyway, that's a long story.

Thanks to Lina, I was able to watch the Lost season premiere and it didn't disappoint! I'm glad they actually showed what's inside the hatch - but that led to even more questions. Shannon seeing Walt was free-ky, and I didn't even notice that we don't know the fate of the raft people until it was almost over.

So in summary: I love Lost. I miss my TV.


Just Like Heaven

I'm a sucker for romantic comedies. Especially if a Mark Ruffalo is in it. Today, we watched Just Like Heaven, and you know what? I loved it. It pulled on my little heartstrings. And I don't really get my attraction for Mark - but yeah, he's on my list alright. I'll buy this on DVD. In the meantime, I'll be watching 13 Going on 30. Heh.


Green Glass

Beautiful beer glasses from Green Glass (get it at Elsewares). Green Glass takes ordinary glasses - which are headed to landfill - and turns them into beautiful pieces. And they're 100% recycled!

Yummy Bone

As Blue was growing up, he has been through many toys. He was a chewer though, and none of the toys ever lasted. He was also picky. But he loves this bone from PlanetDog. Put a little liver paste (or cheese) inside and he's content. It's very tough, and strong, but still squishy - just as he likes it.


A Detour is a choice between two tasks...

If you know me well. You know I love:
1) The Amazing Race, 2) TWoP (Television Without Pity) and 3) T-Shirts!
Glarkware always comes up with what they call NoN Shirts (Or Now or Never Shirts). Designed just to be printed the one time. Order now and don't ever get it at all!

Some designs that I wish I'd ordered were:
"My Ox Is Broken" (The Amazing Race)
"Loud Is The New Good" (American Idol)
"Who's Your SpyDaddy?" (Alias)

Now, I know most of these are only funny if you actually read the TWoP recaps, but you should anyway, coz it's funny shit! I especially love reading recaps from Miss Alli.
Anyway, here are the current Non items: The Bomp! Bag and the Detour Shirt. Only for a limited time!! (Come on Mimi....I know you want it...)

Paisley Walls

I love these wall graphics. They're from Blik, and when we first moved into our house, I was planning to fill our walls with these.

What's not to love? The fact they're they're decals and can be removed when you want to do something different? Or that you can create something unique my mix and matching with other decals? Or that they're art that can go anywhere?

This paisley one is my favorite.


What Would MacGyver Do?

If you love t-shirts as much as I do, you should check out Threadless. Not only do they have the coolest design shirts - but you can also submit your t-shirt design and potentially have people buying your design! The best part is that the shirts are actually reasonably priced ($15) and right now they have a shirt design (for $10) in which the proceeds go to victims of Hurricane Katrina. They've raised about $72,000 which is really cool. My faves are above...

By the way, I found this site through Mimi's blog - my fabulous TARcon sidekick. Here's her friend's design.


Heavenly Bed

As I changed my sheets this morning, I started to think about good beds...And I'm reminded of the time we went to Columbus and stayed at the Westin. The hotel was nice, but their beds: heavenly. And I'm not kidding, they're actually called Heavenly Beds exclusive at the Starwood hotels.

When Lizette told me that it's the best hotel bed I'll ever lie in, I didn't really believe her at first - but on-my-God... they're clouds of heaven! And everybody know a good night sleep is key for a good days work.

You can actually buy this bed for yourself, and the price is actually decent.

Auctions Askew

Kevin Smith rocks. I'm writing about him because it seems everytime I think he's a pretty cool guy, I learn something that makes him an even cooler guy in my eyes.

Like the time he went to co-host the Sarah and NoName show on like, a days notice! And he was really good. I enjoyed listening to him for those three days. And the fact that he loves my morning show and come on the show at random points to plug random things make me happy.

Today I hear that View Askew is having auctions to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. And these are really fun ones:

1) Barbeque at Kevin's House. I think that's pretty cool. Oh hey, what did you do today? Oh, nothing, we had barbeque at Kevin Smith's house. 2) A Walk-On part in "clerks 2" and Kevin assured that it's an actual walk-on part...a part that you will see on the screen (and not edited out). If you're pretty...this may be for you. 3) "Clerks 2" Set Visit - for those too shy to "act" I guess...but still pretty cool if you want to see Kevin in director mode. 4) T-Shirt Collection + A Buddy Jesus. I actually want these. 5) Kevin to leave your voice message. Okay, this is nowhere as cool as the above, but it's totally fun as well.

Plus, I hear he'll be matching all the bids himself. Now that's pretty nice of him.


Counting The Days

I'm on a mission. By the end of this year, i want to have the coolest 2006 calendar. And I don't care if it's a wall-hung, desk, perpetual, tear-off versions...I want a cool calendar.

And it's so hard to search for good calendars online without sifting through hundreds of the same ol' stuff.

This one is by Dario Serio. Only a mere $285. Get it at Unica Home.


Upon Joanna's insistence, we decided to rent Crash. Thanks, Jo, because I actually loved the movie! I loved the intertwining of the different lives of the characters, and the fact that some of the stories were left unanswered, and there wasn't a big climax at the end.

My favorite scenes were with Daniel, his daughter, and the bullet-resistive invisible scarf. I was in tears. But the rest of the storylines were great too. The good cop / bad cop. The missing brother of Graham and how his mom longed for the brother's return. Anyway, rent it if you can. It's a must see.

Ipod Nano

It's like love at first sight with this Ipod Nano for me. I mean, when the Ipod came out, it was the coolest thing. Then the Ipod Mini came out. I thought...hmmm, that's nice. Then the Ipod Shuffle came out and I thought...hmmm, that's nice. But today, when I saw this Ipod Nano, I immediately fell in love. It's got the cool / sleek look I love from the Ipod and it's so skinny, it's probably got an eating disorder, but I love it anyway! (I blame society). Not much memory though (4 Gig), but a damn cool gift.


I Brought Lunch!

I know office life is a drab. Only thing to look forward to in the morning is lunchtime! But how cool would it be if you had brough lunch in this oh-so-cool lunch bag - comes complete with placemat! Save money by not eating MickeyD and look modern-chic doing it. The Vessel Workplace Dish Set, which you can get at DesignPublic.


Granny Clock

Who said this was a man's world? This fabulous Grandmother's Clock from Restoration Hardware is very granny chic to me. And who needs a pendulum when you can have shelf space? This clock is sooo a woman!

Key Bottle Opener

Always thirsty? Check out this cool key chain / bottle opener - from Suck UK, which you can get from Elsewares.

Made of hardened steel, it'll last a thousand parties. Whoo!!

I'm no DJ, but I want his bag

As I was putting away some of my old bags - I came across my Manhattan Portage - and the rush of love I've had for it has flowed back. This is a great cool - and simple - bag!

This is their DJ shoulder bag - 9" x 8" x 4" perfect size for just walking around.


Do I Dare Wallpaper

Do I Dare Wallpaper is one that grabs you and says Buy Me! When all real logic says, wait...that's a little too much. (or wait...my husband would kill me!) Heh. That's how I feel about these wallpaper designs from twenty2. They're real cool, real clean, really enticing. The funky yellow one (casa mila) is calling out my name. Do I dare?