Not the Rabbit

This is an odd invention. No, it's not what you think it is silly. It's a banana case. A what? A banana case. Are people really worried about the condition of their banana when they get to their destination that they'd buy a banana shaped case just to protect it?

This case is also geared towards the "perfect" banana shape & size. Because what if you got a very small banana? Kay, I know you got those! What if your banana is extra long? [Maybe the ribs accomodate for this]. What if your banana is huge or fat? What if your banana is extra bendy and won't follow the shape of this case? Not all bananas are Chiquitas!

In any case, you can get this nifty gadget at Compact Impact for $6 a bunker, or $25 for the set (so you can case up a banana for every day of the week!!). Just make sure that when you do use it, you're putting the banana IN it.


mimi said...

these are so cute. i wanna buy a whole bunch !hahha bunch a' banana cases...and give em out at christmas and see if people know what the hell its for. good conversation piece. i am enjoying your posts :)

mochablue said...

we should totally do that! And give it to like uptight aunties...see what their reaction is!