Harry Desk Organizer

Oh, this is just so cute. It's called the Harry Organizer from the MoMastore. This hairy little thing can actually organize your desk - and best yet, it can prompt people to go, "ew...what's that?" Haha...I love it!

The TriPod

Here's another iPod-related post. The TriPod from Zelco is a compact portable speakers for people on the go, but want to share their music to the world! Uses a AAA battery and can play for 10 hours. At $40.00, it's a pretty good gift!



In case you think your iPod to "too plain" or you aren't into cases because they "hide the beauty of your iPod" - here's another way to dress them up: PodSchtickers! The cool thing is, they're not stickers, they're decals so you can take em out anytime! They also have LapSchtickers for your laptops.


The Feather and the Feelgood

Among the Burton Boards, I've always loved the Feather and the Feelgood, although I thought the Feelgood always looked better design-wise (I look at looks, what can I say?). I bought myself a Feather a few years back, even though I secretly wanted the Feelgood which was out of my range budget-wise.

I was browsing through this wears design, and lookie-lookie, the Feather looks beautiful - much better than the Feelgood design this year, imho. Am I wrong?? What do you think?

Tri-City in Fremont is our choice destination for snowboarding gear because 1) they have a wide selection, and 2) if you wait just a little, they sell last year's boards for like 50% off!

Girlie Goggles

I know we won't be going to Tahoe at all this winter, but I just want to give a shout out to my beloved snowboarding gear.

First up is this the oh-so-cool Snowbunny goggles. Before I found out about these goggles, I was wearing boy-goggles which is too big for my face. It's so unproportional and unstylish and really unacceptable! The snowbunny goggles though, fit you (if your a gal) perfectly. I swear, you'll look prettier just by wearing them! I love it so much, I spent money to buy it for people - and yes, it's always a hit.


I know I've posted about Glarkware's NoN Shirts before - but it looks like they're making one for my fave show: Rome. The two Roman soldiers who I've been crushing on for months (you've seen the posts! I can't help myself) were of course from the Thirteenth Legion. Oh, I wanna get this shirt...but maybe they should ditch the Lion...it's a little too much.

Anyway, this may not be the final design yet, but I'm excited for it.


Titus Pullo

This Sunday is the season finale of Rome, and just like that, one of my favorite shows will be out of circulation again!

I must take a moment to say how much I love the other Roman in this epic tale: Titus Pullo. He may be a brute but he's one loyal, handsome brute. His friendship with Lucius and his deep devotion to him is one I can feel in my heart. (I mean, I'm rooting for the two of them to kiss and make up!)

The gladiator scene from the last episode was gruesome yet captivating and I believe one of the most powerful scenes of the series.


Lomo Fisheye Camera

Oh my God - I want this. The Lomo Fisheye Camera is so so cute! It's a 35 mm camera with a built-in fisheye lens. It takes in regular film but the fun you'll be having...is it extreme? I don't know. I'll let you know after I get my hands on one of these for Christmas (hopefully before).

It comes in two colors: silver and black. yeah, I like the silver one as well.

Don't Touch My Birdie!

I saw these cute little birdie-birds last summer at the Bath & Body Works in Easton in Columbus. There they were at the product tables chirping as I look at the various lotions / soaps. As you walk by, they chirp! Yes, these birds have eyes! I was fascinated - and a little intimidated by them.

I just realized that you can actually buy these cute puppies (or rather birdies) at Design Within Reach! Pick you species...and don't worry, you don't have to feed them.

The Monica Bed

I was browsing through Room & Board when what do you know~ I found out I have a bed there. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Monica Bed! Hmm, I must say I'm pretty stylish in a Charlotte of Sex and the City kind of way. Of course, this bed is so not me. If I climbed aboard this bed, it'll spit me back out and say (with attitude): Umm, please! Silk pajamas only lady. Take your rotten oversized shirt and sleep in the Ikea sofa where you belong!

Yeah, this Monica bed sure is a snob. But I'm glad I'm linked to such high society living.