It's not a little birdie, they're my keys!

Most days as I pick my son up from daycare, he falls asleep in the car ride home. I'm always careful as I park my car that I do not make too much noise as I don't want to wake him up. He gets cranky that way. But as hard as I try, my damn keys bump into the car and jangles loudly. Jangles with a capital J - that is, if jangles is even a word. With the car key in, all the others sway and the car moves. They hit me on the leg (ow!), they jostle into each other, they slam into the dash, and I can only use my right hand to hold them in place for a little bit.

Long introduction, but that was the segue into this cute little felted keycase from rare device. It's like a little poncho for your keys so even if they smash into you (as often keys do), you'll feel a soft hmmm instead of a sharp ow! Heh.

The Ultimate Break Up Song

I know I just did a Damien Rice post a while ago, but i can't help it. I really love this album, and I think I love this song the best. I love when a song makes you go through a range of emotions, like it can be the soundtrack to your life. Go on, click on it and let me know if I'm delusional. The fact that he looks kinda like Heath Ledger - a plus. God, I'm shallow. Anyway. While I like the acoustic version, the studio versionrocks too. Enjoy!