Jam Love

I'm not going to deny it anymore. I love the Office and I love the JAM! That's Jim & Pam of course. The show itself is very good. Steve as Michael Scott...he's great and that Boss is one of a kind (but you also know he's "that guy" in your office.). But I just started watching jamalamadingdong71's videos on YouTube (Please just go search her name or type in Jim Pam Story because my link is not working right now) and it brought back all these scenes! She took every scene of them from the beginning and combined them into 10 minute watchable shows. You'll be hooked. I kinda wish there's a person like her to combine all my favorite scenes from all my favorite shows. I'm not complaining though.

Oh, the Method o-Mop

I'm so into Method products these days, I don'y even know what really triggered it. I mean, it's not like this is my first time to see these products. I pass them by each time I go to target. I always mean to try their hand soaps but have this sense of loyalty to Bath & Body Works. I mean to try their laundry detergent but seem to always pick up the Tide (or dreft) last minute. The time I saw Omop - I woyld've totally bought it, but I already have a damn swifter (yeck). Oh well, I guess I'll have to get this when my swifter "goes missing".