Orla Kiely & The Cabin Upright

One of the things I dream about in the "when-i-become-successful" variety is being able to travel and jet set around the world! Part of that is having the oh-so-cute-est travel luggage. That perfect luggage is, of course, Orla Kiely. I mean look at this, it's just the awesomest looking thing ever. Now, it must be small enough that it fits the overhead compartment. You won't trust this to be milling around with the rest of the luggages of the checked-in variety. That's because this luggage would be more expensive than anything inside it. 

Sigh. I just saw this one at See Jane Work and it's already marked 25% off and I still couldn't afford it. But who am I kidding. I should first wait for the opportunity to travel, no?

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