Pencil Vase

Oh, I love this pencil vase from See Jane Work. Nice clean modern look and can hold a variety of things but I think what works is to have green pencils like these to mimic wheatgrass. Ahhh, very tranquil.


Return To Me

I've been seeing the ReturnToMe cuff featured everywhere, but for me, I actually like the ReturnToMe shirt better. When you buy the shirt, you get one blank shirt with an iron-on transfer. The transfer has a 30x35 grid of circles which you can peel off to create an image or words! It's customizable and awesome. Click on the link to learn more.

The Marina Handbag

As I search around to find good gifts for people this holiday season, I find myself finding more stuff that I want! Like this Marina Computer Handbag from Timbuk2. It's a very girly laptop bag and I love it. Unfortunately it does not come with a variety of colors (this gray one is the one I like best). It kind of looks like a bowling bag, only cooler.


It's time to go home!

They look so eighties...but oh so cool. They're Japanese talking watches which you can get at FredFlare for about $20. I believe it speaks the time...in Japanese? I haven't heard it yet, but looks like a fun novelty item - and don't get it wet. I don't think it's water resistant!


Time Tags

Ahhh, isn't this cute? Aren't there times you want to wear a wach, but don't really want all that hardware hanging out your wrist? Get these cool Time Tags which you can get at Flight001, along with a bunch of other stuff for your travels. These Time Tags are watches you clip on! Clip on to your bag, your shirt, your laptop case...The look very techno and help keep your wrist clean and bare.


I just finished my few-months-long marathon watching the entire series of Friends! Yes, believe it or not, I watched from Season 1 all the way to the Season Finale and for all that hard work, I want to say a few words:

Friends was a pretty consistently good series. Granted it only won the Emmy for that one season, but they've given me some good, funny TV for a good chunk of my life. Out of the ten season, I can honestly say only Season 7 sucked. And yes, Season 7 was their weakest season. That season boasted such wacky episodes like: The One Where Chandler doesn't like Dogs (really, kinda lame!), The One With Rachel's Kisses (lame attempt at a lesbian kiss) and my all time unfavorite The One with The Truth About London (Which I believed butchered the flashback with a very different looking Chandler)

There's so many good episodes, but I realized a bunch of the really good one have been when people "Found out" about another friends' secret. Like...
The One Where Rachel Finds Out, back in season 1. That's a classic.
The One Where Ross Finds Out, in Season 2 was great as well. "Over me? When were you...under me?" *insert Ross' pathetic confused face here*
The One with the Kips (I believe this is the title) when Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler. This was also the episode where Rachel & Phoebe wanted to start their own group since Emily has forbidden Ross to see Rachel. Cut to scene in the coffee shop where Phoebe says to Ross, "Goodbye Ross...." *then whispers* "...forever!" Heehee.
The One with All The Resolutions is another favorite of mine - not just because it's the episode where Rachel finds out about Monica & Chandler, but it's also the episode where Ross wears the leather pants.
The One Where Everybody Finds Out, that's a classic. From Chandler & Phoebe's interaction to Joey's "Not my first time." (in reference to opening Phoebe's shirt in one swift motion).

There's so much more to say...but I'll stop for now, for this is already getting very long.

And Finally...Rent.

Finally, I take the time to review the movie that I've been anticipating for months. I did see Rent over the Thanksgiving holiday amidst all of the Harry Potter fanatics. In the multiplex where I saw the movie, Rent was located in the small, farthest theater (I guess they knew that they weren't going to sell out on this movie). I felt a little sad...

I loved the movie. I thought it was as accurate as it could to the theater version. I wasn't as turned off by Rosario Dawson as some people a I know (wink wink) and thought she did justice to Mimi. And for me to love Rent, I must love the Roger/ Mimi. That's because my fave songs have always been: Another Day & Light My Candle - the two Roger /Mimi songs.

Tango: Maureen, which has always been hit or miss for me (depending on who was playing Mark...I saw on Broadway when Joey Fatone was playing Mark...but I'm digressing), was a "Wow" for me on the film. It really worked there. The dream sequence with Maureen playing both sides was a good addition to what both Mark and Joanne were feeling towards her.

Good job to Jesse L. Martin as well. When he said "...Live in my house..." at the funeral, I started bawling. He was that good. And so charismatic!

But here's my complaints: 1) What the hell is Roger doing on the cliffs of Santa Fe? It felt soo cheesy. and 2) I know they're trying to be as accurate to the play as possible, but really, when you get an almost dying person in your apartment, and the couch is full - you clear the couch! You don't put her in a cold stanless steel kitchen table! Come on!!!

Here's a like to Smokedog's review of the same movie. Enjoy!