It's not a tivo unless it's a Tivo

It's been a little while since I last posted. So for the next few posts, it'll be more of a back post.
Last month our Tivo started to die. It started to pause and stutter and then a screen of black. No!!! I loved my Tivo. I thought maybe if we restarted and reboot, it would be better. And it was, but just for a little while and then it would do it again. Finally, we decided to call DirecTV for a new box.
Our new box came and lo and behold: It's NOT a Tivo!!! It's a lame DirecTv version of Tivo. Now, let me tell you, this version does not even begin to rival Tivo. This version does not make the tivo sound when you select things. It's has a more complicated menu and it took us a month just to figure out how to record a series and know how to prioritize what shows should be record before another. There's no button I can press to know why a certain program was not recorded. When I fast forward and stop, it does not go back a few second so I have to be deadly accurate when I ff.
DirecTV got greedy and felt like they did not need Tivo and now I hear that Tivo is partnering up with Comcast. Lucky them.