Sticky Toffee Pudding

Just wanted to say that the new Haagen Daaz Limited Edition flavor Sticky Toffee Pudding is oh so yummy! I've always been a chocolate / coffee flavor fan with regards to ice cream, but the vanilla with the sticky toffee sugar cake is just to die for. Hmm, I finished the pint in just a couple of days. I hope they make this a regular flavor.


Vintage Record Coasters

Everytime I ask people to put a coaster under their glass of water, I feel like I'm pulling a Monica (from Friends) and that sucks. My hubby even says why bother? the table is full of water stains anyway. But to me, if you can prevent - prevent!

Now, segway...check out these cool vintage record coasters from Elsewares! They come in a pack of 6 and are sealed so that water does not go through.


Baba Slings

Here's another baby sling post, this time for Baba Slings. A saw a friend of mine (Dragana) carrying her baby (Maxim) in this at our (Lina & I) baby shower, it looked so cool, I had to ask where she got it from. Baba Slings is an Australian company, and the slings were a little on the expensive side ($70). I tried to wait for it on ebay, but alas, none. But it looks like now, there is a reseller on Ebay who sells these at half-price....so...good. A little too late for me though. I already got me a different kind of sling - which I'll probably post about next time.


Happy Birthday to my Sons

Happy birthday to Blue who turns 3 years today! The big baby got 2 rib bones which was from the BBQ hubby did a few days back, and so we know its dee-licious! I also got him a bag of chicken jerky from Costco. Yummy.

Happy birthday to Joshua who turns 3 months today! After a whirlwind week of activities (from his baptism to a trip to Napa - shown in pic), he's just happy to be chillin' at home today.


Thanks to the people who kept pushing to me watch House. We just finished watching the last episode for season one (yeah...one) and we are hooked. Hugh Laurie does a great job as Dr. House - so great that I must admit I have a little crush on him. As crushes go...this may be my weirdest one yet. But hey, he's sexy. Plus, I love Robert Sean Leonard as Wilson. The banter between House & Wilson is enough reason to buy the DVDs.

The only reason I didn't catch it in it's first season was because it was up against The Amazing Race, so it wasn't even an option. Since then, I've had a few of you tell me to Netflix the season and here we are. My plan is to finish the entire season two before the season starts.


I'm Too Sexy for This Show!

I'm soo late on posting this but I just got so say how much I loved the challenge on Project Runway last week. Designing an outfit for the owner of a dog and designing an outfit to match the dog. The dogs were so cute and I loved almost all the designs! The doggies also on the runway, with a few stumbling on the catwalk, made the episode for me. Laura did one of my favorite outfits - as shown.