My Portenzo iPad2 Case

It took a lot of effort and countless hours of searching the web, looking at video & blog reviews, but I finally have the case that I wanted. The winner is the Portenzo case in Retro. Do I love it? Yes, I do - but it does have it's disadvantages.

First, here are the winning points:
  • It's incognito. While I love the simple design of the iPad2, I'm not keen on having everyone and their brother knowing I'm lugging one around. I find it perfect for the coffee shop, meetings, and pretty much everywhere you are just waiting around
  • It's looks like a moleskin notebook. Simple design, with the signature band around it.
  • It's orange! I love the color of the inside (lime green) and outside. It's the fun of having the simple book design, but still having it's own personality
  • It's designed around the iPad2 best features: close to sleep, holes for camera, etc.
  • It's pretty tough, and holds the iPad2 well.
Here's a few things I'm not so fond of:
  • While it's not heavy, it does bring the weight of the iPad2 more.
  • The "Portenzo" signature at the back of the book is about 30% too big...a slightly less obnoxious one would've pleased me better
  • There's no real good way to prop the iPad2 for good viewing...I tried, it just kinda flips and flops unless you perfected the angle. I just end up propping it will pillows

Before I found this, I was thinking about getting the Dodo Case, which is local (San Francisco!), but there were a couple of reviews that put the doubt in me, hence, going with this, it's formidable competitor...All in all, it was worth it's 7-week wait time :) 

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webmynd said...

Howdy, Patrick here, I am Chief DODO at DODOcase. You should come down and check out the DODOcase workshop sometime since you are in SF. We love to give people tours :).