Vaja for Razr

I know I'm years behind the times, but I just now upgraded my phone to the razr - for free! So of course, I check out my favorite case place: vaja cases to see what kids of good they have on this phone. And sure enough - they have cool stuff. For $240, you can own this bedazzled leather cover. (For $55 - the have the simple un-bedazzled version)


Cool Posters

You don't need hundreds of dollars to get good art on your walls. I know having a Rembrandt would be good but next to your Ikea couch? Maybe not. Check out these really cool posters from The Heads of State. They're affordable and really cool art for your modest walls!


Dwell Baby

I couldn't help but splurge on these cool Nursery bedding from DwellBaby. The simple patten makes it timeless an not too baby-ish, if you know what I mean. Plus with the 50% off sale they're having (limited time!) it's such a deal!

Backpacks are IN again!

My favorite bag company Timbuk2 has a few new items out for spring! Check out this cute Hayes backpack. I love the blue-khaki combination and the proportions are great. If you've stopped using backpacks because they're "out" - this one will surely get you back "in" again!

Geek Love

As I watched the season premiere on The Amazing Race, I was half excited, half-relieved. This is what my favorite show is about: The dynamic of two people set in a whirlwind adventure! I am loving this new season and already I have a lot of favorites. One of them being Dave & Lori: self-proclaimed geeks. They're so adorable and is giving me hope that geeks will be seen a different light. (Being a geek can be kind of cool.)
There's also a mother-daughter team whose adorable (daughter is kinds hot). and of course, hippies from San Francisco. It's going to be a great season!

Mimi - If you need the season premiere still, shoot me an email. I can probably mail it to you!