Kidrobot - Dunny 4

I know I'm not a kid anymore, and I've heard of Kidrobot before, but up until I've bough a bunch of these for the team for Christmas, I never though about it much.

They're very cool. I like the Dunny series. The one I got was the pink one - I hope I don't get addicted and try to collect them all.


Cheesecake Dilemna

I'm thinking about food all fucking day long! Ugh, I can't stop it. I can't help my fat ass from expanding and expanding. I know I have an excuse for stuffing my pie hole with...not pie, but other yummy things, but still, I want to stop it!!!

I've decided to bring cheesecake to the Christmas Dinner (instead of my usual Lumpiang Shanghai - ordered, not made from scratch. please.) but now the dilemna is what cheesecake to get! I love the Oreo Cheesecake - I've had that a number of times - but should I venture with something new like this White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle? It looks yummy? Or should I get both?? Really...What should I do?

Other things I'm craving that's weird (since I normally don't care for these): Chipotle tacos & Razzmatazz from Jamba Juice. God help me.



Let me preface this by saying it was Lina who strong armed me into being on Facebook. Relenting after numerous threats (Yeah, Lina, threats!) I realize I do find it quite entertaining. I love games and I love taking quizzes. Gosh, I'm a dork. The quizzes as silly and if your really try you can guide your answers so you get the answer you want.

Which brings me to this post - I took a "Which Lost character are you?" quiz and am quite taken aback that I'm Hurley! I don't feel like a Hurley at all. Oh, what do I know...