Big Fat Wallet

OOhh, I'm an updatin' machine! I was about to go to bed when I found this Triple Wide Wallet on Elsewares. Omigod - I want it soo bad. It's big (8" x 4"), and has three ID sized slots, and made of cordura nylon!

Ace of Hearts

So I'm crushing on this David guy - contestant on American Idol 5. I'm blaming it on the hormones because normally, I find these kids annoying. Anyway, it is so bad because:

1) He's 17 - I'm soo going to jail for just thinking about him.
2) He's not a good singer - nor is he a good performer
3) He lists Kelly Clarkson as one of his favorite signers for crying out loud!

So, that's not all, I'm also crushing on Ace - which is more understandable since, he's well, he's really hot. And he can sing. And he can actually perform. And he picks good songs (well, for now). You may not agree with me on my David-crush - but really, who can resist Ace?

Again with the Diaper Bags

You know what I've realized, I love bags! I can't get enough of these beautiful suckers. I know I've just posted about a diaper bag, but as I was browsing in Pottery Barn Kids - I love love love this chocolate "Ultimate Diaper Bag". It just looks so beautiful and sturdy at the same time!

Hugger Mugger Yoga Goods

The coolest yoga gear around is the Hugger Mugger. Just look at these beautiful big yoga bags - which can fit more than just the mat, and so stylish as well.

These products can break your bank though so intead of thinking about how broke you are, just channel your energy into your downward dog. Namaste!



I love these cutte Diaper Bags from Gr8x. The first one is called the Baby Traveller and it unfolds to become a change mat so wherever you are, you are ready to go! The Satchel is also a nice stylish bag that has room for all your baby's stuff (and some of yours!) Beautiful stuff...