Rent The Movie

I think everybody who knows me knows about my obsession with Rent. I just loved loved loved the musical (Thanks to Lizette for tuning me in) and it's the only musical I've seen, like, what...8 times?? 3 times - Benny tour SF, 1 time - Collins tour SF, 2 times NYC - bought full price, 2 times NYC - Lotto. Oh, good times.

And I've been good - really good. I haven't been singing Another Day. I haven't been listening to the CD. I haven't posted on CompulsiveBowlers ...That was until today.

I just watched the trailer for the movie - and my heart started beating - God, I love this show. Is it me? Am I just biased? But the trailer got me all excited for November. It looks like it might just be a good movie.

So...don't be surprised if I start signing in the halls again. One soongggg glooriieeeeeeee...

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