Goldilocks of the CD Wallet

It took me a while to find these - the Goldilocks of the CD Wallet. I've been to stores, I scoured online tech stores. All I see are case-logic-ish CD wallets, which is nice, but it's too soft. I need something that can stand in a bookcase to file. I also find some really nice innovative CD cases - but those are too individual. I needed something that can hold more than 1 CD at a time - so I can group together certain CD, and with a lot, it won't take up too much space.

Then I realized that one girl had sent me a group of CDs sent in one CD case. This was during my "trading" days (Hey, some artists - like Jack Johnson, allow trading of live shows - but I digress). I look inside the case and found my answer: Univenture.

This is called the Unikeep CD wallet - it holds about 10 pages of sleeves per box. And it's just right.

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