Pumas & The Mongolian BBQ

Since my Pumas were eaten by Blue, I've yet to replace them. I love my red californias but haven't seen them out since the time that I bought them. I've seen blue & black Californias but I don't want then in that color. I want it bright! I want it Red! Or Orange/Brown, which I've come to love recently.

The TT Super looks cool. It's on my list to buy next!

Oh, and I was crusing on their website, I found out about the MongolianBBQ Pumas - which for $130, you get to mix & match vintage fabric, colors to make a shoe that's unique! Oh, and you don't get to do this online - you have to wait until the MongolianBBQ comes to your city. For San Francisco, It'll be at the Concept store on Market Street from August 15 till September 25. And then that's it! It's a cool concept...but a little too pricey for me. Ah, we'll see come next month.

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