Readymade Rules!

I can't believe I did not know about Readymade magazine until now. This is only the #17 issue so I'm not that late into the game. I guess it's like getting into Lost on the second season...something like that. They show you how to make cool things, like step by step. Now, granted, I have yet to make something from their magazine, but I could if I wanted to. They've made cardboard furniture (reminded me of studio), skirts out of pillowcases, belts out of transit cards, lampshade out of slides. It's pretty darn cool. Thanks Julie - for getting me hooked into this!

The picture above shows you how to make a regular stainless steel ruler into a magnet board. The best part about the current issue is it takes some of Ikea's known furniture into something totally different yet creative. Did you know you can take the Billy Bookshelf and make it into a bed?

I got so obsessed, I ordered two back-issues (I never do that) - and I'm on the lookout for more.

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