Comments, Clarifications & a Review of Breaking Dawn (the First Half)

So first off I'd like to give props where props were due. It was Lina, of course, who first told me about Twilight. She said it was such an easy read. I remember thinking ...Vampires? I'm not really into scary stuff. What she should asked me right then was, "well, you're not into scary stuff, but are you into hot sexy guys?" The answer would be: Yes.

So, Lina, since you sold me on this, I will also take your advice and Netflix True Blood as soon as it is out on DVD.

Comments & clarifications from my last two reviews:
1) New Jacob - Okay, I know I dissed Taylor as Jacob and even thought that for me, comparing Edward to Jacob was like comparing Lost's Sawyer to Michael. No contest, right? Yes, I was harsh. But now that I'm almost done with the series, I did have a change of heart and now, I do love Jacob as well. I think I love him the same was as Bella does, like a little brother. And because of this, I don't really know if I'm in the "change Jacob" bandwagon. Michael Copon apparently is vying for this job and his blatant self promotion - and porn-like half naked poses - makes me dislike him even more. I now realize I like my Jacob the way he should be; a never aging 16 year old.

2) I whole-heartedly agree with Gel's take on Kristen Stewart's Bella. Bella is supposed to be down-to-earth and funny, and not a frowning totokamus (sorry for the Balki reference. I couldn't find a better word). I hated the perma-frown. Smile, girl. Show us why you're the luckiest girl on the planet! Here's hoping Kristen loosens up in New Moon and just...lets...go.

3) Edward/Robert's performance - Okay, I did get a lot of flack for being too harsh, and wanted to clarify that although I did have my issues...I loved loved loved Robert's Edward. He's the reason to watch Twilight. He makes vampires sexy and a much better actor especially next to Kristen.

On to Breaking Dawn...Spoilers Abound

Book 1: Bella
This book focused on Bella & Edward's wedding and their subsequent honeymoon. It's really just a set-up but I loved it anyway. Instead of the usual running away from the vampires, we get a peek a what it would be like for a human to be with a vampire. The wedding that Bella didn't want but ended up liking....to the "first time"...

It was a "fade to black" moment. I forgot I wasn't reading Mills & Boon (hey, not that I ever read those...), but yeah, of course we don't get a play by play - but if actually worked out because through Bella's eyes, you only feel the glorious portions and not the physical pain that having sex with the undead can cause to your bones...Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

I loved the small amount of time where they were just in love - but I knew from the first paragraph, that she was going to be pregnant. [Because in the Young-Adult book world, sex = pregnancy. The reality is that you are really only fertile one week at best in a month, but I digress...] I loved the small moments, the little smiles, when they enjoyed each other as they are.

Edward's reaction was almost unforgivable...I know he knew that the spawn would hurt Bella, but as I woman, there is that maternal instinct to love your baby no matter what and hope your partner is there with you no matter what....

I loved it. Just that part alone was better for me than New Moon & Eclipse combined.

Book 2: Jacob
It look a while to adjust that I was reading Jacob's narration instead of Bella's. I would be reading and then I'd stop. Wait. What? Oh...Jacob thought that. But I got the hang of it and, it was great. I was never a big fan of Jacob, but this actually turned things around for me. Because you can see from his point of view, you can feel the hurt of loving someone who doesn't love you back...not that way (and that's really the worst!), the jealousy and anger toward your enemy but your ally also in most ways.

This book picks up where Bella left of. We find Jacob as he finds out that Bella is back. He is apprehensive - how would he feel seeing her as a vampire, or dead? How would he kill the Cullens? And Meyer did a great job at creating his emotion, his pace, as different from Bella's. I felt for him...and that's when I realized how integral he was not just to Bella's life, but to the story as a whole. This was no ordinary love triangle. At this point, Jacob was more interesting than Edward.

Oh how love rules. When Sam, the Alpha male decides to kill Bella's unborn child, I thought: Jacob, hello, you're the Alpha. Be the alpha. He does and we get to see Jacob be there hero this time. A reluctant hero, but a hero still.

And Seth. Love that little kid. Gel emailed me this cute cute pic of a baby siberian husky and think of him as Seth. Out of all the supporting characters, he was one what was just easy to love. (Emmett too for some reason, I loved right away). Do I have to talk about Leah? After all, Meyer took a lot of time discussing her love triangle with Sam and Emily, a woman Sam "imprinted" on ... Anyone? Nah.

But the end of this book got me. Jacob, thinking he got 3 more days with Bella before she gives birth and dies, suddenly panics when the baby wanted to come out now. All of a sudden, he did not have a few days, he did not have a few hours. This was it. This is when she dies, or worse, becomes one of them. It was overwhelming, it was fast, and he gave his blessing to Edward, to save Bella by letting her become a vampire. The anger as he walked away, the hatred to the monster that ended the life of his love. He went to the baby - ready to kill her. Then he saw her.

That last page got me. The symbolism of the balloons being cut as his ties to all that he was - disconnected. Everything he knew and loved and was. None of that mattered because something else has holding him to where he stood. It was Renesmee.

Bravo, Stephanie. That alone made up for everything that I thought I hated about Jacob. Of course, I smack the side of my head, he imprint's on Bella's spawn. This was the finale that made sense. With everything that I hated about the imprinting bullshit, this made sense. This saves the baby from the wolves, and it makes for an interesting story.

Book 3, I'm guessing will be all about Renesmee. Bring it on!!


gel said...

I love the balloons bit too. I had to read it over to get the full effect. But I'm sorry, I can't stand the name. Renesmee? Renesmee Carlie?
It'd be like naming you Elthia or Cyniezar.
It'd be like naming your kid Mhien or Thonica.
It feels forced to me. Nessie is forgivable. But that's a small thing so i guess it's fine.

mochablue said...

Or for you...your kids: Rel or Angeliron

Hahaha.....You're right, I forgot about the Carlie part too...which would've been better than Renesmee, really.

gel said...

Angeliron is soo forced! It's almost like Monitee!

mochablue said...

Here's our family, if our parents were as silly as Bella & Edward:

K. Joe = Fatreece
Me = Elthia
You = Cyniezar
Jackie = Moncheng
Ga = Celieng
Pocholo = Freaby
Migs = Babeddy
Marc = Diosasoy
Luigi = Maosdado

Hee...I think I'm having too much with this!