Catch and Release

I've procrastinated watching this for the longest time. I don't even know why I netflixed it. Maybe it was because I like Kevin Smith and thought it was a romantic comedy so why not? Well, you know when you use netflix, if you are hanging on to a movie, no other movies are coming in your mailbox....so it was time.

ok, it sucked. It sucked so so bad, where do I start? Let's start with Jennifer Garner...so over acting in this movie. The scene where she was in the bathtub while this other guy was having sex with the waitress, her facial expressions were too exaggerated. Girl, you are not in theater - we can zoom in to see you face. Secondly, she changes from smiling to crying at the drop of a hat. What the fuck?

Now, Mr. Handsome here (Timothy Olyphant?) disgusts me. Why do I hate handsome guys? I don't get it, but either way...not buying him. Lizette, he reminds me of Michael (our handsome librarian) in Rebuilding Together as he stands / poses coz he know the chicks are watching him, not really doing any painting or working whatsoever. The whole movie for me he was just trying to look cute.

Chemistry? There was none. Tim was too busy trying to look handsome for the camera and Jen was too busy interspersing between her winning smile and her dramatic pout.

Plot B: Kevin trying to commit suicide and "the other friend" secretly in love with Jen both did not have any good resolutions. You can cut that whole side story and we would not miss a thing.

Thumbs way down.


mimi said...

yah it really really sucked. it was the only movie on the plane on the way to Guam!! well not the only movie...but i was better off napping.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I didn't like that movie too. I couldn't even believe I finished it. Kevin Smith was soooo UNfunny it's not funny. The reason why you hate the bida guy is because he's the 20-something guy in sex and the city. Yeah, he
's kinda disgusting in a way. Big features in the face, parang you can't stare at him too long.

mochablue said...

Who was he on Sex and the City? God, must've been a character that I hated. Eww, was he 20-something guy that Carrie dated. yuck. That's why. gross.