Recycling, It's not for Everyone.

I'm a postin' machine! Let's see how long I can keep this going.

So apparently, in Florida they do not recycle. That was Lina's bit of info for me yesterday. Can you believe that? If they want to recycle, they have to drive 40 minutes out of town to the nearest recycling center! What? Recycling is so much a part of life here in California that I think we do not even think about it. When I have a can, I automatically dump it on our recycle bin. Next time I fill my blue bin, I will think of you, Florida peeps.


mimi said...

Think of Guam Peeps too...we have no recycling collection and you literally have to go to a dozen recycling centers to get rid of your trash....one for cans, one for paper, one for plastic, one for bottles....and there are none for green waste either.

mochablue said...

You have to get rid of your own trash? No one picks it up at your house? Miss you, by the way...how can I enjoy TARcon without you???

Lina Botero said...

Mon, that was hillarious!!! Yeah, Florida does suck in so many ways, hahahaha, I have to tell you about my beef with some slobs yesterday at the beach