Auctions Askew

Kevin Smith rocks. I'm writing about him because it seems everytime I think he's a pretty cool guy, I learn something that makes him an even cooler guy in my eyes.

Like the time he went to co-host the Sarah and NoName show on like, a days notice! And he was really good. I enjoyed listening to him for those three days. And the fact that he loves my morning show and come on the show at random points to plug random things make me happy.

Today I hear that View Askew is having auctions to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. And these are really fun ones:

1) Barbeque at Kevin's House. I think that's pretty cool. Oh hey, what did you do today? Oh, nothing, we had barbeque at Kevin Smith's house. 2) A Walk-On part in "clerks 2" and Kevin assured that it's an actual walk-on part...a part that you will see on the screen (and not edited out). If you're pretty...this may be for you. 3) "Clerks 2" Set Visit - for those too shy to "act" I guess...but still pretty cool if you want to see Kevin in director mode. 4) T-Shirt Collection + A Buddy Jesus. I actually want these. 5) Kevin to leave your voice message. Okay, this is nowhere as cool as the above, but it's totally fun as well.

Plus, I hear he'll be matching all the bids himself. Now that's pretty nice of him.

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