A Detour is a choice between two tasks...

If you know me well. You know I love:
1) The Amazing Race, 2) TWoP (Television Without Pity) and 3) T-Shirts!
Glarkware always comes up with what they call NoN Shirts (Or Now or Never Shirts). Designed just to be printed the one time. Order now and don't ever get it at all!

Some designs that I wish I'd ordered were:
"My Ox Is Broken" (The Amazing Race)
"Loud Is The New Good" (American Idol)
"Who's Your SpyDaddy?" (Alias)

Now, I know most of these are only funny if you actually read the TWoP recaps, but you should anyway, coz it's funny shit! I especially love reading recaps from Miss Alli.
Anyway, here are the current Non items: The Bomp! Bag and the Detour Shirt. Only for a limited time!! (Come on Mimi....I know you want it...)

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