It's a race, kids!

Although the "Family Edition" of the race is not my favorite (I can already say that just by seeing the first episode), I am a loyal fan.

With that being said, I do not dig the kids at all. At all!! I mean, in the first episode when one of the Black kids (their last name is Black - ok) starts whining when he got stuck in very shallow water, I wanted to jump in the TV to kick him in. (in a joking manner of course)

These Gaghan kids are better, but all their enthusiasm just pisses. me. off. "Go mommy!" "You're great, daddy!" what-ever! There's a scene where the parent had to carry a buggy -with the kids in it- for 1.5 miles. Billy says, "Sorry I couldn't contribute" to which little sister Carissa says back, "Get used to it, dork!" Hah!

I'll give them a few more episodes...Let's see if I warm up to them.

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