True Blood - Season 2 / First Half Review

How much do I love this show?! Just when I thought I had enough...no, I actually couldn't and love it even more. I'm all caught up and Ep. 6 was awesome. I cannot wait for Sunday.

Bill / Jessica / Hoyt
I love Jessica. When we first glimpse her last season, I was skeptical. I thought: Great. Obviously, this will be the wedge that will break up Bill/Sookie. But, No!! I actually love Jessica and what they are doing to her. I love how she brings out the "papa" in Bill (not that Bill isn't dorky enough, but unless I haven't said it enough time, I love dorky, fathery Bill!) This scene above where Bill makes her take the TruBlood is all sorts of cute. What else could over-cute that? Jessica / Hoyt. I love them. I love the "teen" version of vampire love. I love that they talk all night to the point that Hoyt's mama turned off his cell phone. I love that the first thing Jessica does when she wakes up is to see if Hoyt wrote her a text message.

Eric - Entertainment Weekly's "Hottest" Vampire
EW claims that they can't choose between Team Bill or Team Eric and I must say I can't too. Bill & Sookie are perfect for each other, but there is something so hot about Eric - most especially after his haircut! Like Lina said, he is much taller than Eric, he gets points for that alone - but there's something more. He's powerful, he's evil (??), and yet, he is fair / kind (see Bill, see Lafayette), and he's conniving (come on...Lorena!!) In any case, i'm so happy for this development and hope to see more of him soon.

Fellowship of the Fuckin' Sun
At first, this really bored me. I mean, we all know somethings not right with the Newlins. We all know that Sarah (and / or Steve) would have the hots for Jason. There were even Vegas odds on who (Sarah / Steve) would do and what episode it would happen (FYI - the people who bet Sarah / Episode 6 were all right on!). But! But! This week, it did get interesting! Aihhh!!!! Did Sarah know what Steve was up to? Is she just using Jason? Why is she fuckin' in church!? Did Steve know that Sookie is the telepath? Did Sarah know? Who was the mole? Did they know Jason is Sookie's brother?? They must've...right!? Where does Isabel fit into all of this? Did Eric know this would happen (hence, him bringing Lorena in)? Is having sex with a gay vampire really the "cream de la cream" of sins?!

What the maenad is this!?
Ok. If there's one storyline I am most bored with, it is this. It is so fucking slow. What the hell is Maryanne? What the hell is a maenad!? Who is she after? Why Sam? Why all the freakin' scary orgies!? They freak me out, man!!! If I see that coroner bangin' with black beady eyes again...I will...I willl...I don't know. I just want to know what the freak is going on. Plus, I still couldn't believe Tara would allow Maryanne to live in the house without asking Sookie first. Why didn't she at least call Sookie and say, "Hey, I'm having my new sexy, boyfriend over...is that cool with you?" It just seems so out of character for her.

Bad Bad Bill
Now, this seems to be such the topic in the forums that I'm going to venture an opinion. So, in the flashback from Lorena, we get to see Bill at his worst. Where they actually murdered these two people and Bill didn't seem all to sad about it. In fact, he even gave Lorena a necklace and had sex with her in front of the dying body!!

Everybody seemed to be disturbed over this. I've also read outrageous statement like, "If Alan Ball wants us to be sympathetic to the vampires, why would they make Bill be evil!" "Bill lied to Sookie! He was really really bad!! I don't like him anymore!" OK. Enough. Here's my take. This is an Alan Ball show. Of course it's going to be complicated. Of course, it's not going to be a good v evil. Of course Bill has an evil / dark side. Why do people have the need to make the "hero" free of flaws? Why would Bill being a really really bad vampire 80 years ago make less of what he is today?? That's what we are trying to find out. We want to know what made him reform. What made him break up with Lorena. Bill having that sort of history makes him more interesting to me.

Another thing: Alan Ball is not trying to get you to like vampires. He is not trying to get you to love Bill because he is the "best vampire out there!" There's no "message" that vampire rights = gay rights. Don't feel like you must defend the VRA because you believe in gay rights. It is not the same. Hating all the random killing that Bill has done in his past does not mean you are homophobic! What?!! Yes, go to Televisionwithoutpity and you can see some people actually think this!

Overall...I love Bill. I love Bill/Sookie. I love Eric. I love Eric/Pam. I love Terry and the PTSD care he gave Lafayette. I love Jessica/Hoyt. I love the "vampire" hotel. Not loving Maryanne. Not loving Eggs. Yet. Not sure how to feel about Daphne. Feel bad for Sam.

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