Stringer & Avon

I just finished watching the Season 3 finale of the Wire and I am amazed. This was a brilliant show and it kinda sucks that I'm a few years behind. Now, I read all the accolades and I agree - this may have been the best show on TV. It's a shame it never got an Emmy nod. All the actors were amazing, the writing was impeccable, the direction was flawless.

This scene is the best I've seen. It's between Stringer Bell & Avon Barksdale, their last scene together, where you (the viewer) know that they've just betrayed each other. The scene, it haunts you, it shows you the complexity of their characters and how they're on opposite ends, but they're still brothers. Since I was not spoiled, I didn't really know they were going to kill String...but in this scene, I was already having a really bad feeling. God, if you're not watching the Wire, please go and Netflix it.

To String & Avon, you may have been the bad boys, but I loved you.

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