Paletas Throwdown!

I've only recently started watching the Food Network. Being on Maternity during the summer, there's really not much else to watch. It was Gel & Ron who got me into watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay. I like Bobby - and I like this show not because of the actual throwdown component, but because they feature lot of local talent and local yummy foods.

My favorite episode by far is the Paletas challenge. I've eaten ice pops before, sure, but after seeing Irma & Norma's wide variety of paletas - I was instantly craving them - as in, I'd like to fly down to Nashville to taste their creations!

I've been thinking about it and thinking about it. Of course there's no way I'd fly down to Nashville...What else is there to do there?? If I have a job that would take me all around the country, Throwdown would be a must - just to keep tabs on where you should go for everything. So, anyway, I thought - there must be good paletas here in the Bay Area! But I've searched and searched and found really none. If you know of a good one, please do let me know.

But, I'm still craving it. So, luck was on my side when this morning, on our stock-up trip to Costco, I see a max pack of Paletas! I grabbed it. It was good! I'm sure not the best - but enough to satisfy my cravings. I've eaten 3 today. Great. Just when I'm supposed to be trying to get in shape to return to work, I'm looking for ice cream instead. Oh well!

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