Sprout Rant

My son loves Thomas the Tank Engine. In fact, he likes anything that moves. He loves cars, trains, planes...Anyway, because he loves Thomas, we now watch it on Sprout. It was fun at first since it was nice to see him dance when the song comes on and point to the trains as say "Ta-Ta" (Thomas). But it's been a few months and I. am. done. with. this. shit.

Everytime it comes on, I find new things to rant about: These trains are the most idiotic trains on the planet! They keep crashing onto things! Geez, they're so spoiled - how many coats of paint does on train need? If I hear these tank engines complain one more time, I'm going to be cross! Sr Toppem Hatt is soo stupid!!! Where does he get the money to fix all the broken rails, caves, bridges that the engines crash into??

Ok, that's just Thomas. Don't even get me started on the other idiotc shows on the channel. I hate Dragon Tales! I hate Noddy! I hate Jay Jay the Jet Plane! I hate Zaboomafoo! I hate Jakers with a passion! I hate Caillou! Do I like any show there? Not really. I'm really just doing it for Josh. Sometimes, I cheat and change the channel to a rerun of Friends. Haha! My hubby has a thing for Nina (Goodnight Show) though. I find it amusing. Alright, I think i'm done with my rant.


mimi said...

what about "yo gabba gabba" it's a psychadelic ghetto-fied hip hop sesame street that kids love. my friend's kid loves this show and it appeals to all boys and girls. they have rael messages like "don't bite your friends" and "share your cookies"...something like that. it is very amusing and catchy. try it on youtube.

mochablue said...

o.m.g. Yes, i do like it. I keep trying to sing the song to Josh: Don't bite your friends!! And lots of stars actually love the show. Didn't Brad pitt dress up as the Yo Gabba Gabba guy one year?