Goodbye Loves

Wow. This week has been kind of a shocker. First, I find out that Heath Ledger has passed. What!? I couldn't believe it at first. I mean, I was just thinking last week how of all celebrities, he's been consistently on my list. I just think he is so handsome, and talented. God, at 28 too, he was just a boy. And what about his little girl? I tear up at the thought of a two year old losing her dad. It's very sad.

Secondly, I find out that after 12+ years in Broadway, RENT will shut down it's doors in June. What!? I couldn't believe it too! RENT is a NY tradition for me. I know I've seen it countless of times and even my aunt has told me that I should go watch something different - but RENT has been so close to my heart that every time we visit the big city - we have to have to line up for lotto! We have to have to wait at the stage door! It's so sad. I won't even get to see it one last time before they close. But even if I won't see it live on Broadway anymore, it will forever be in my heart.

No day but today...

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mimi said...

Yes I'm so late to the RENT game. This is exactly why they allowed the production on Guam - they are on their way out. I am taking a trip to the Bay in April so that I can take my LEED exam. Perhaps an escape to New York for one last fling with RENT? The last time I was in NYC, it was in the company of you!!..and the TWOPPERS.