Office Love

I love the Office. I just love it so much. So, being such a huge fan, it's been a great office-filled week for me.

To get all caught up for today's premiere, we've marathon-ed Seasons 2 & 3 the past week. Lina & I were even on the same wavelength as she was marathon-ing the same disc as I am - so in the morning when I get in the office, we talk about the past episodes. She hated Creed, by the way. With a passion. But we both kind of cried at the season 3 finale. I thought Jenna's acting was superb and that final scene, she sold it.

Even though I'm a Jam shipper, I love the office for more than just the office romance. It's funny! Watching the episodes, I would laugh out loud at just the most random things. Michael having a crush on Ryan. Funny! Michael doing the Chris Rock bit. Uncomfortble and funny at the same time! Michael wearing a woman's power suit. Hee!

Now, The Office is on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly! I'm so happy their finally getting this recognition. Weee!!! The one I have is with Dwight & Angela.

And speaking of Dwight. Here's my good friend Lee with his "good friend" Rainn. Does this mean I'm like one degree away from being good friends with Rainn? I'm soo giddy! Lee, make it happen!

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