Hot House

I don't really know why...but I'm so attracted to House. He is so on my list. Count one more for the bad guys, I guess. Wilson is the "good" guy. He is nice. He's a good doctor. He cares about his patients. He cares about House. He does "what is fair". He is kind. He is very handsome. He does nothing for me. Heh. I like him - as a friend. Haha...(sorry, I'm laughing at my own joke). What is so attractive about a guy who is rude, uncaring, malicious? I don't know, but I give props to Hugh Laurie.

It was a good season opener. I love scenes with House & Wilson, especially when Wilson does not take crap from House. The kidnapping of the guitar was fun, as well as the kidnapping of his patient. I'm also looking forward to the next few episodes as House finds his team. Should be a good season.

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