So we played hooky last Wednesday and went to see Transformers. I really enjoyed it - it was a couple hours of action entertainment. But if I may, I did have a few issues with the movie:
1) The crowd at the climactic fight scene betwen the good & bad. Okay, so it's a Monday morning in busy Times Square. You are out by the street with your coffee walking to work. then - zoom! Pow! Fuck - it's a robot!! You scream! You run! ...right? So how come half an hour into the fight scene, people are still on the fucking streets acting all chaotic and surprised (still) as Prime & Megatron duke it out.
2) Really, Prime - you think with all the damage & destruction done there wasn't a single human harmed?
3) It was too freakin' fast. I couldn't distinguish an autobot from a decepticon! My solution, have all the autobots be brightly colored and all the decepticons be black and white...what? no? ok fine.
But yeah...I loved the movie.

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